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I am an apprentice wizard, not a pack mule!
~ Marcurio

Marcurio is a Imperial spellcaster residing in the Bee and Brab in Riften. He can be hired as a follower.


He is very feisty and sassy. He is also known to take his service seriously, as when the Dragonborn asks him to carry some of his/her equipment, he will reply "I am an apprentice wizard, not a pack mule!", but after he learns of the true reason, he will become dumbfounded and reply saying, "Oh very well, but make it quick."

He also seems to show an interest in Dwemer technology.


The Dovahkiin can find him sitting on a bench in front of one of the entrances. Upon introducing himself and his skills boastfully, he will then offer the Dragonborn their services as a follower, in exchange for a fee of 500 septims. After paying him the fee, he will then follow the Dragonborn automatically, pending that the Dragonborn does not have another follower.

In combat, he can be effective, but also annoying, as his primary weapon is his chain lightning, which often proves to be a nuisance in confined areas where it can bounce off both the Dragonborn and other followers, which may cause them to attack either of them.

If the Dragonborn decides to dismiss him, he will return to the Bee and the Barb, where he can be hired once more, after paying 500 septum. However, if he was dismissed recently, he can be rehired for no charge.


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