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Hey, the way I see it, you're as big as you feel.
~ Margalo's advice to Stuart

Margalo is the deuteragonist of the 2002 film Stuart Little 2. She is a yellow canary who was Falcon's former servant/adoptive daughter figure, but is also still Stuart's best friend and later love interest.

She was voiced by Melanie Griffith. In the animated series, she was voiced by Kathy Najimy, who also voiced Peggy Hill in King of the Hill and Tillie the hippo in Cats Don't Dance.


She used to work for Falcon to steal household objects like rings and was his adoptive daughter since Falcon was the only one who found her in the gutter and forced her to work for him.

When she become friends with Stuart after enduring another abuse, she gave it all up to be with him and realized that she should follow her own heart and dreams instead of doing Falcon's bidding.

Her resolve to go on her own path become apparent when Falcon revealed his true dark personality and displayed lack of compunction in killing those whom were against him as he nearly killed Stuart and Snowbell in cold-blood.

Unfortunately for her, she can only succeed in defeating Falcon with the aid of Stuart both due to Falcon being stronger, faster and coming from a species that happens to be the natural predator of her kind.

By the end of the film, she says goodbye to the Littles and leaves to migrate south for the winter, a dream that finally come true with Falcon gone from her life.

Personality and traits

Margalo is a strong-willed bird whom, just like Rapunzel in Tangled, wished for freedom from her life as a thief. But Falcon was indifferent and even abusive to her, making her put the dream aside to serve him.

That's until she met Stuart while enduring another abuse as well as learning Falcon's true bad personality that inspires her to turn against him even with the fact that she had disadvantages against Falcon due to him coming from a species that happened to be the natural predator of her kind.

Margalo is a yellow canary wearing a pilot's cap and a blue scarf.


  • Her most prized possession is a jeweled stickpin which was part of her mother's nest.
  • Margalo was the only love interest for Stuart.
  • Before meeting Stuart, Margalo was afraid to stand up for herself against Falcon's abuse.
  • Like Stuart, she also lost her biological parents (at least her mother).
  • She is similar to Meg from Hercules since they both work with the main antagonist with the same actor (James Woods).
  • She's similar to Rapunzel and Madellaine.