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Margaret Hannah first appeared in late July 2015, portrayed by Debbie Newby-Ward.[11] Margaret was the wife of Mo Hannah (Jarod Rawiri) and the mother of Curtis (Jayden Daniels), Jack (Reuben Milner) and Pixie (Thomasin McKenzie). Whilst Mo, Pixie, and Jack lived in Ferndale, Margaret was the primary money earner, living in Australia with Curtis. Mo announced that Margaret planned to return when Pixie was diagnosed with cancer but was arrested for embezzlement, which the family assumed she was covering for Curtis. In July She arrived to Ferndale having been released from jail. She landed a job at the hospital but the stress of Pixie's cancer and subsequent death lead her to start embezzling money from the plastic surgery clinic. Victoria Anderton (Laura Thompson) and Drew McCaskill (Ben Barrington) discovered her fraud and when Drew was found with several gunshots in his back, Margaret was the prime suspect. She fled Ferndale, only increasing the suspicion on her, leaving Mo and Victoria to start a relationship. She returned in May, when Mo, Jack and Curtis are on a camping trip and decided to turn herself in for embezzlement.

Margaret is Newby-Ward's second role in the show, having previously portrayed Nicola Halley in 1996.

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