Everything is going to be fine. We're gonna be really happy here. Right?
~ Margo to Edith and Anges, the statement that turned out to be prophetic

Margo is one of the three deuteragonists from Despicable Me, one of the three tritagonists of Despicable Me 2 and a supporting character in Despicable Me 3. She is the oldest of the orphan sisters being 12-years-old and is the brainy and sarcastic one of the trio. She wears glasses, has a brown jacket, a Lorax shirt, a black dress with pink lines on it, and red sneakers. Like the other orphan sisters, Margo has been adopted by Gru.

She is voiced by Miranda Cosgrove, who also voiced Clover in Quest for Imaginationland and Carly Shay in ICarly.


Despicable Me

Margo Editih and Agnes are the cause of Gru to turn good, from being a superbad to superdad.

Despicable Me 2

The three daughters play very little part in the sequel.





  • Margo is reminiscent of Penny from Disney's Bolt.
  • As shown in the first Despicable Me, Margo, Edith and Agnes were already sisters at the orphanage prior to any adoption proceedings, therefore supporting they are indeed bound by blood.


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