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~ Mari Ohara

Mari Ohara is one of the nine main characters of Love Live! Sunshine!!. She is a third-year at Uranohoshi Girls' High School as well as the school's chairwoman. Her image color is purple. She is a member of Guilty Kiss, a sub-unit under Aqours.

She is voiced by Aina Suzuki in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Jamie Marchi in the English version of the anime.


Mari is a third-year student. Mari's mother is Japanese, while her father is Italian-American and manages a hotel chain. Due to her upbringing, Mari speaks with an accent and often inserts English words into her speech every few lines.

Mari lives in the Awashima Hotel, which is owned by her parents.

She has known Kanan Matsuura and Dia Kurosawa since elementary school. During her first year, she left Uchiura to study abroad and returned two years later. Upon her return, she became the chairwoman of Uranohoshi Girls' High School, despite still being a student, after her parents contributed a large amount of money to the school.


Mari is a cheerful girl, makes many jokes, and often prefers to work by herself. She always keeps her chin up when faced with hardship so as not to burden others, and is ready to try her hand at anything. However, as a half-foreigner, she does not feel that she is very suited to being a Japanese-style idol.

Despite her cheerful personality, there are times when she can be serious as shown in Season 1 Episode 9.

Mari speaks with an accent, and she has a high and cheerful voice. Mari often inserts English words into her sentences, but when she is sad or serious, the pitch of her voice becomes lower, she loses her accent, and she uses English words less.

Clubs and Hobbies

Mari's hobbies include sports and horseback riding, and her talent is in her flexibility and singing. Her favorite genre of music is industrial metal, as shown in Season 2 Episode 2.


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