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Maribelle is a playable character in Fire Emblem Awakening.

She is voiced by Melissa Fahn just like Rider from Fate / Stay Night.

Physical appearance

Maribelle is a young lady with blonde hair tied into ringlets with a pair of white bows and has brown eyes and wears a pink troubadour outfit. In her artwork, she carries a white parasol.


Lissa's best friend. a proud and sharp-tongued noble from one of ylisse's most well-to-do houses. she is cold to strangers, particularly commoners, but warms quickly. the most likely to toss in her sleep.

born on april 14th


Maribelle is a member of Chrom's Shepherds, and is the daughter of the Duke of Themis, an influential noble family in Ylisse. In her supports with Gaius, it is revealed that in during a period of time preceding the events of Awakening, Gaius once hatched a plan to steal from the Ylissean treasury, but which was foiled when he was captured. Pushing the responsibility of the plot onto Maribelle's father and causing him to be put on trial, Gaius caused Maribelle to develop a deep-seated hatred for him. This hatred is later vanquished when Gaius, albeit reluctantly, admits that he had done so in order to protect her from being targeted by the nobles who had plotted against her father.


Maribelle is the second healer of the game. She is mounted on a horse and has high mobility. She starts off with a mend staff. Maribelle can’t defend herself until she is not a troubadour.


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