Kindness alone can’t save people. It can’t erase sin or wash away the impurities. But even so…
~ Marida to Banagher

Marida Cruz (マリーダ・クルス,Marīda Kurusu) is a main character of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn. Before her life as Marida, she was actually one of Glemy Toto's Ple clone army and was labeled as Ple Twelve ( プル .トゥエルブ, Puru Touerubu) and the only surviving clone after the battle between the Glemy faction and Chara Soon on Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ.

She is voiced by Yūko Kaida in the Japanese, and by Tara Platt in the English version.


At first, Marida is a tough, strong, and cold young woman but very loyal to her master and her former master (Glemy Toto and Suberoa Zinnerman) She refers to Captain Zinnerman as "Master", which irritates him, and loyally carries out his orders. Marida also sees herself in the ideal of misconceived notion that Newtype are to serve as weapons. Marida also seems to have a deep loathing hatred for the concept of the Gundam, as when one appears her objective changes to completely and thoroughly annihilating it.

When being controlled and manipulated by the Vist Foundation, she returns to her "original persona" when she was still "Ple Twelve" in her youth, becoming more emotionless, unstable and ruthless just like Ple Two before her defection from the Glemy Faction.

After meeting with Banagher Links, and particularly after her recovery from the Banshee's cockpit, Marida's personality begins to change, and a unseen kindness begins to become apparent. The true depth of her attachment to Zinnerman is later revealed, when instead of "Master" as she once had, she calls him "Father".

Skills & Abilities

A capable pilot and artificial Cyber Newtype, Marida is also proficient in military martial arts. When piloting the Kshatriya Marida primarily utilizes the funnels, usually about 18 at any one time, to overwhelm the enemy with multi-directional ranged attacks. This tactic tends to quickly eliminate weaker enemies while restricting the movement of stronger enemies. Should the funnels prove to not be enough Marida will then close in and use beam sabers. She tends to hold the mega particle cannons in reserve.


Glemy Toto, Marida creator and her previous master

Glemy is her creator and her original master. Even though Glemy only used her and the rest of the clones as soldiers, she proved was genuinely loyal to him. After realizing that he's already dead and witnesses all her sisters being killed, she begin shouting at him on confusion and asks him what she should do do.

She is the twelfth clone of Elpeo Ple's clone army.

Ple Two is the "oldest" clone and her "older sister". In Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3, during a combo SP attack between her and Banagher Links, Banagher nearly calls her "Marida".

She is her DNA origin which Glemy uses to create Ple's Clone. Not much is known about her relationship with her and its unknown if she ever meets Marida. However, Marida shown shares the same favorite food with her

Encouraging Mineva Lao Zabi

Due Mineva status as the princess of Zeon, Marida initially have a mission to brought back Mineva to back to Zeon side. Even her refusal, Marida claim she just follow her order to bring her back and chasing her with her Zinnerman right-hand, but she save by Banagher make which make her to retreat. After both Marida and Mineva success being rescued from Vist Foundation, Marida encourgae to Mineva to always follow her own heart will. Later on, she help Mineva to talk with Full Frontal when he wanted to chasing Banagher via Mineva Kshatriya cockpit. After knowing Marida tragic death, she apologize to her and Marida reply that she must always on Banagher side.

  • Suberoa Zinnerman

Zinnerman reunite with his surrogate Daughter

Suberoa is her new master and a man who saved her from the Madam who abuse her by make her as a young prostitute. She often refers to him as "Master" which irritates him. But as the story progress, she sees him not only as her master and more as her father, as shown when she begins calling her "Father" after being saved by him and Banagher. In turn, Suberoa also sees her not only as a subordinate, but also as his own daughter. In a flashback, Suberoa shows her a picture of him with his daughter named "Marie Zinnerman" and said if she was alive she would be the same age as her. After her death, her spirit comes to him, and thanks him because he give her a second chance at life


  • In episode 6, its mentioned that her favorite food is ice cream, which is also her "sister's" (Elpeo Ple) favorite food.
  • Marida is the only Ple Clone who has her own name.
  • Marida shares many similarities with Soma Peries/Marie Parfacy from Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Both of them are artificial humans who were created to be tools of war ,have a very perfect pilot skill which can compete with the Gundam Pilot, and their captains (Suberoa Zinnerman and Sergei Smirnov) as their "father". Soma's true persona name is "Marie Parfacy" , and Marida is called "Marie" by Suberoa after she is free from the Vist Foundation's control. in Banshee Gundam which the name comes from his biological daughter, Marie Zinnerman.
  • In Anime, Marida has wavy hair and different color hue from her "sisters", while the rest "sisters" has bright orange color. However in novel version, her hair is bright orange same with them and her hair is more straight unlike in the anime


Master, you died? Why ? What should I do, master?
~ Young Marida/Ple Twelve to Glemy Toto
Let's go back. You need to consider your position
~ Marida convinces Mineva to return with her
I am Ple Twelve. . . My master is. . . Alberto Vist.
~ Marida when being brainwashed by the Vist Foundation
I am a Gundam. . . I am . . .AN ENEMY ?
~ Brainwashed Marida reacts to Riddhe "Gundam's" Words
But thanks to that, I can sit here talking and talking to you like this. The way you feel isn't wrong."Trust in the possibilities within, and try with all your might to do what you feel you ought to do", that isn't a curse.The person who told you that probably lived his life the same way. Never knowing for sure, simply believing it was right.
~ Marida trying to cheer up Banagher
If you hold on tight to your dreams, if you never give up, if you're never closed-minded. I know your chance will come, when it does, don't hesitate. Get into the Gundam.
~ Marida giving advice to Banagher
I hope that you follow your heart too, Princess
~ Marida to Mineva Lao Zabi
Father! Just this once, will you let me have my way?
~ Marida to Suberoa, the first time she call him "Father"
You were the light that gave me a second life. Thank you, father.
~ Marida's last words to Suberoa Zinnerman


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