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They die tonight... or the next needle I use will put a hole in your heart.
~ Marie Laveau to Hank Foxx, regarding the Coven witches.

Marie Laveau is one of the main characters in the American Horror Story television series. She was a former ledgendary Voodoo Queen of New Orleans who was against racism, torture, abuse, and slavery.

Marie Laveau was formerly the manager at the Cornrow City salon.

Marie Laveau is the deuteragonist of the third season and a reoccurring character in season 8. She is the main antagonist in Coven.

Marie Laveau was portrayed by Angela Bassett in American Horror Story: Coven and American Horror Story: Apocalypse.



Many years prior to the events of Coven, Marie fell pregnant to her former lover, Bastien. She suffered from the thoughts of death and could not accept the concept of death. She later was paid a visit by Papa Legba and was offered the gift of immortality. In exchange, she would have to sell her soul to Legba and servicing him once a year. Thinking it is a sexual act, Marie accepts his offer and later gives birth to her baby daughter. Shortly after her birth, Papa Legba revisits Marie and comes to realize the act of service is a sacrificial one, learning that each year she would have to sacrifice the soul of an innocent. After realizing this, Papa Legba forces Marie to give up her baby, but she pleas to take away her immortality, but comes to realize her soul has already been sold. Her daughter is then taken away by Papa Legba.

In 1834, Marie Laveau arrived at the LaLaurie house to get her revenge on Madame Delphine LaLaurie for torturing Bastien. She then proceeded to trick Delphine into drinking a "love potion" that will supposedly ensure her husband's fidelity, but it is, in fact, a vial of her tears that causes Delphine to faint. Marie, shortly after, discovers Bastien's corpse in the attic and tearfully embraces her deceased lover, disfigured from having a bull's head attached to his face, making him a minotaur.

After Delphine regains consciousness that same night, Marie and an angry, black mob are gathered outside waiting for her to come out. When she demands the return of her family, Delphine is soon shown the strung up corpses of her husband and three daughters, who were tortured and killed by Marie as retribution for her abuse to fellow black people. Marie then proceeds to reveal that the potion Delphine drank cursed her with immortality, and her fate is to be buried in an unmarked grave for all eternity, allowing Delphine to have never ending pain and grief. At Marie's command, the mob gags and chains Delphine, sealing her in a coffin that would lie undisturbed for centuries to follow.

In 1961, Marie is now managing a hair salon known as Cornrow City. Cora, one of her former employees, reveals that her son Henryis attending an integrated school. Marie expresses her doubts about the white citizens being happy about the situation, and her words are proven to be factual when Henry is lynched by three white men days later. In retaliation, Marie performs a ritual to raise an army of the undead, sending them after Henry's murderers and brutally killing them in the process.

Around the mid 1950’s, conflict arose between the voodooists and a local witch coven. The feud lasted for about ten years, until Marie and Supreme Anna Leigh Leighton sign a truce in 1971, detailing that neither side is allowed to cross into the other's territory. This truce is later broken in the present day of Coven.

American Horror Story: Cult

American Horror Story: Apocalypse (Alternate Timeline)

Marie Laveau appears briefly in the last episode as season 8.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse (Fixed Timeline)




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  • Marie Laveau is based off of a real life historical figure with the same name. This person had afflictions with voodoo practice and rituals during the 1800’s.
  • Marie Laveau is the first character to be portrayed by Angela Bassett in American Horror Story.
  • In 2014, Funko released their first two American Horror Story Funko Pop lines, and Marie Laveau was included. As of 2020, she is the ninth most valuable figure out of the nineteen AHS Funko Pops.
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