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Hero Overview
Bigger isn't always better, you know...
~ Marie Rose in her debut trailer

Marie Rose is a heroine and fighter from the video game Dead or Alive. She is a servant of Helena Douglas.


Marie Rose has a blonde hair in twin pigtails and wearing a black and white suit. She also use either a purse or or a bagpack.


Marie Rose. Being the servant and loyal friend of Helena Douglas is known for being polite and quite amicable towards others. She is fairly adorable and absolutely welcoming towards those who she have special bond like Honoka, Nyotengu or even tsuderes like Ayane.


  • Shares a strong resemblance to another new character, Tekken 7's Lucky Chloe. She also shares some similarities to Emilie De Rochefort from the Tekken series, as they both dress in lolita attire and have similar moves.
  • see in also shares date birth August 11 by Tiffa Adill in Gundam X, Akari Sakura in Jewelpet Tinkle and Gray Fullbuster in Fairy Tail.


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