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Mariko Yashida is the deuteragonist of the 2013 film The Wolverine. She is the daughter of Shingen Yashida and the granddaughter of Ichirō Yashida, who is the CEO of a powerful company in Japan. She is a close friend and adopted sister of Yukio. She is the love interest of Wolverine and is portrayed by Tao Okamoto.


Mariko was the granddaughter of Yashida and first appears as she is crying over her dying grandfather, she briefly met Logan calling him a caveman, and also talking to her friend Yukio. She is then seen being hit by her father, Shingen Yashida and ashamed, she attempts to commit suicide until Logan saves her.

At her grandfather's death, she was kidnapped by the ninja clan Yakuza , who was secretly hired by her fiancee, Noburo Muri, but was saved by Wolverine. She then goes to a house south catching the bullet train with Wolverine following her. After Wolverine has a fight with the Yakuza, he takes her off the train. She and Logan then head to a local motel as she sleeps, Logan, stands outside guarding her. She wakes up to find him pass out. She then gets the motel owner's grandson to stitch him up who is a veterinarian.

Logan and Mariko then hide in Yashida's house down south and as they start to fall for each other, Logan reveals moments from his past such as the war and Jean.

Mariko is then kidnapped and taken to her father Shingen at the Yashida family home and reveals that her grandfather Yashida, had left her the empire and prepares to kill her. Kenuichio comes to save her with a Black Ninja clan and take Mariko to a research center based where Yashida was born.

After Wolverine comes to save her, she talks to Harada and escapes. She manages to direct the machine Logan is in into the Silver Samurai's sword strike, breaking it and freeing him. Mariko then kills Yashida with Wolverine's claws, after he starts to extract his immortality and he falls to his death by Wolverine.

Mariko becomes the CEO of Yashida Corporation and says goodbye to Wolverine after they kiss, hoping to see him again.

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