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Heroine Overview

Marin Kitagawa is the titular deuteragonist of the anime and manga series My Dress-Up Darling.

She is voiced by Hina Suguta in Japanese and AmaLee in English.


Marin is a tall, young girl with long hair that has a gradient from blonde to soft pink. her forehead is covered by part of her bangs and reach down to her eyelashes. Two small locks of her hair extend down past her shoulders in her front. She has straight hair in the manga which eventually becomes curly. She has multiple silver/white ear piercings all over both of her ears.

For her school uniform, she wears a white button up sleeved shirt tied at the waist in the front. Her sleeves are often rolled up to her elbows. She wears a light blue school uniform skirt that reaches knee length and a dark grey tie, as well as accessories such as a choker and other jewelry. She wears black socks and brown shoes. She has long, sharp, sparkly pink painted nails.

For her first outfit, she has a black wig with a violet tint to it, cut shoulder-length with bangs down to her fake eyelashes. Her eyelashes are long but most noticeably at her outer eyes, creating a droopy eye look. She has red eye-shadow and lipstick, as well as purple eyebrows (which she shaved and then drew on) to match the wig and purple contact lenses. Her nails are long and sharp as always but now painted a purple color to match. She has a black cap with three red roses on top, with an embroidered rose pattern along the rim. Marin wears a black maid gown with long, frilly sleeves. The cuffs extend to cover her hand and flare out with ruffles. On her shoulders, she has frilly white embellishments that go upwards, attaching to the frilly apron tied at her waist.

She has a black detached fabric collar hooked with a tie and a black leather choker clasped on top of it. Attached to the choker is metal ring, with a black leash chain extended from that. The bodice of the dress has frills along the front seams as well as an interlacing corset pattern made with rope, tied into a bow in the middle. There are three differently colored layers of fabric on the skirt of the dress, underneath such being a crinoline to make the dress look beautiful and full. The top skirt layer has the same rose embroidered pattern as the cap, and has frills at the end. The second layer underneath the first is simple and is the same black fabric as the sleeves and bodice of the dress. Lastly she has her frilly white crinoline. Her socks have lacy black rose embroidering and are connected to a garter belt on her waist. The number 17 is written directly below her underwear on her thighs. She wears black platform heels.

For her Black Lobelia cosplay outfit, she has a hip length long silvery white wig with long fluffy bangs that frame her face. She wears one red contact lens and one blue contact lens, with her bangs often covering up the blue eye. She has a military cap with a fleur-de-lis symbol attached to it, and a stylized cropped black military jacket with gold fringe on the shoulders. She has a low cut sleeveless (and shoulder-less) leotard underneath her jacket that disbands from the waist into long sheer fabric with occasional ruffles. The leotard has ruffles at the top that frame the exposed skin of her breasts and intricate designs across the bodice of the silvery/black fabric. Apart from the leotard, she has nothing covering her bottom/hips. For accessories, she wears long black gloves that come up to her forearms, as well as a black choker. On her chest there is a black and white gemstone seemingly adhered to her skin. Lastly, she wears shiny black boots with heels that come up all the way to her thighs.

In another outfit, she wears large, fluffy, pointed black cat ears with a pink inside and black bows tied with ribbons on the end. Her hair is her normal hair, but instead tied up into pigtails with uneven bangs. She has a regular button-up white shirt tucked into a pink plaid skirt with a bright pink tie on top. She has matching fluffy black cuffs and a collar with a cat bell on it, and her earrings are heart shaped. She has a fluffy black cat tail attached under her skirt. The look is completed with her normal brown shoes.

One outfit of hers is very simple, being a black tied bikini with yellow flowers patterned on the top. Her accessories, hair, and makeup is normal. She doesn’t have socks or shoes but her toenails are painted pink. She did however wear a blue and yellow flannel shirt as well as jeans on top of the outfit before undressing.

Her little devil outfit consists of a long choppy red wig with bangs, tied up into high pigtails with furry scrunchies with devil horn accessories on the top. She wears long false eyelashes with red eye-shadow, as well as long fake fangs, pointy ears, long painted black nails, and green contact lenses. Her shirt is similar to a victorian style dress but instead stylized to be cropped very short, to directly underneath her chest. The shirt has long puffy black sleeves, ending being covered by frilly white fabric over the wrists that buttons together tightly. Overtop the shirt is a long, ruffled, white collared shirt piece that buttons up to her neck and resembles almost a maid apron, with a little white bow underneath the first button at the neck. Below, she simply wears ruffled black panties. Attached to her back are small black devil wings, and attached to her pants is a black tail ending in a spade tip. As an accessory, she carries around a necklace to “hypnotize” people with. Her socks are short and black with ruffles at the top. She wears no shoes.

Another outfit consists of a simple, low-cut, black dress. The dress crops to below her hips, and the sleeves of the dress are shoulder-less and flare out at her forearms, covering her hands. She wears a fake black fabric button-up collar on her neck as a choker. Her hair and makeup is normal, and she has short black socks with gray and black shoes.


Marin is extravagant, messy, and while quite mature, she's also clumsy. She is massive otaku and a passionate cosplayer. She is very kind, friendly, cheerful, open-minded and outgoing, is considerate of others and is very helpful towards Wakana, wanting him to stand up for himself. She is bold and confident, but also a bit scatterbrained, being impractical and unskilled at handiwork. She's also not very good at cooking.

Notably Marin has no real sense of shame, or at least with someone she trust like Gojo; though she does seem to enjoy messing with him about it. This included wearing a swimsuit to make it less awkward for Gojo taking her measurements, and even taking him with to a lingerie store for garters needed for her cosplay costume; the latter case, she even jokingly offered to model lingerie as a reward/thank you for him. At one point she is in just her night gown when Gojo visits, only noticing later that she wasn't wearing a bra; though she passes it off as unimportant, as it was only the shirt collar level of exposure.


At school, he meets Marin described as a dazzle girl of lots some allies... Alone with her leader.

Sadly, Marin's mother passed away due to her unknown age, and she was living with her father. But now she is living by herself, coming to Gojou's house at indulging at the food.


  • Her English voice actress, AmaLee, also voiced Otohime in One Piece, Yuki Sohma (young) in Fruits Basket (2019 Series), Shea Haulia in Arifureta Shokugyō de Sekai Saikyō, Isabella Santos in The Letter, Pipimi in Pop Team Epic, Itsuwa in A Certain Magical Index, Lana in Pokémon Masters, Lillie in Pokémon Evolutions, and Uta in One Piece Film: Red.

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