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Marina is the main protagonist from the 1975 anime version of The Little Mermaid. She is a beautiful mermaid who will do anything to be with her prince whom she saved from drowning. She becomes a sea foam in the end, because she doesn't end up with the prince.

Hans Christian Andersen's Little Mermaid 1975

Marina is first seen swimming with her friend Fritz, a dolphin. When she reaches her castle home she wishes to go to the surface. She eventually goes to the surface and sees a prince on the ship. When a storm comes and the prince goes overboard she rescues the prince from drowning. A raven-haired young woman arrives and cares for him. This makes Marina sad and she went to see the sea witch to be a human in exchange of her voice. The sea witch tells Marina that if the prince doesn't end up with her then she'll become a sea foam. When Marina becomes a human the prince marries another girl and she became heartbroken. Then, her sisters who have been seeing her from afar told her to kill the prince in return of her being a mermaid again. Marina refuses this and she transforms into a sea foam making the prince realise that she was the real girl that saved his life.



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