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Marino is a female Reploid that appears in Mega Man X: Command Mission.


Marino takes pride in being a thief, and admits to Cinnamon that her job is to relive people of their valuables (which is akin to Robin Hood). However during the Final Chapter, she admits trying to aim for a legitimate lifestyle (stating that she's through with the sticky-finger business), choosing to only stealing on the weekends.

Marino appears to be somewhat cynical, if X talks to her after "Spider's death", she admits that's the reason she doesn't like to get all buddy-buddy with someone. Near the end of the game after X and his party was attacked, Marino compares Redip's actions to that of a corrupt corporate executive stating that "That's the way suits operate. Once you're no longer useful, they toss you out like so much garbage".

In the Story

Marino appears using X's party's entry as a disguise to sneak into Gauldile's Laboratory, where she encounters Cinnamon. The two formed a bond, and Marino learns that she has to steal Cinnamon after realizing that the young Reploid is housing the Force-Metal Generator. Marino was caught by Dr Psyche, and was nearly killed by his Preon companions. She luckily survives thanks to Cinnamon's healing ability, and temporarily joins X's party to get her back. After rescuing Cinnamon, Marino becomes a permanent party member after being convinced by Cinnamon to join.

She joins X's group when going to confront Colonel Redips.

Powers and Abilities

In battle she fight like a ninja (kunoichi), her weapon of choice are the Beam Knives, elemental Bo Shurikens, a laser bladed Chakram: with which she uses in conjunction with her martial arts prowess, perform a 1-2-3 hit combo of slashes and a high-kick.

Unlike the other playable characters who are limited to one type of weapon, she can equip either a shot or combat type main weapon.

Her Hyper Mode is Quicksilver that increasing her speed to insane levels (granting her many turns back to back).



  • Marino is actually a male given name (meaning "man of the sea" or "son of Mario").
  • After becoming a permanent member of X's party, she doesn't appear in any cutscenes, only during the dialogue exchanges.
    • However she was briefly seen running for cover after they were attacked at the Heliport.
  • Inspirations for Marino are a mix of popular female ninja (above mentioned kunoichi) and the female thief character archetype, which emerges in several Japanese video games, manga, and animation, Rouge the Bat for example. This could explain Marino's shoes resembling go-go boots and not sandals and tabi socks, like a more traditional ninja; and to also better fit the Mega Man X character style.
  • Marino's theme in battle is shared with Rafflesian.
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