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"Don't call me CUTE!"
~ Marion's catchphrase
"Stinkin' sawdust!"
~ Marion's other catchphrase

Marion is a talking blue hamster and the titular protagonist of the 2003 action comedy sci-fi cartoon Bounty Hamster. In the cartoon, Marion assists Cassie, another one of the main protagonists, in finding her father, him having been kidnapped by space pirates. Marion is voiced by Alan Marriott.


Marion is blue, 6 inches (150 mm) high, wears an eyepatch on his right eye and can fit all manner of objects within his cheek cavities (i.e: Reaching and grabbing objects out of his mouth as if it were a large pocket).


Marion is fierce, hot-headed, arrogant, greedy, incompetent, clumsy and forgetful. Because of hot-headedness being one of Marion's traits, he is often outraged by stronger characters calling him "cute", and tries to defend his personality in spite of his feminine name and small structure. This is when he utters his catchphrase "Don't call me CUTE!", before going totally berserk. In spite of clumsiness and forgetfulness being another two of Marion's traits, there is an exception of comedic instances such as when he remembers to use a remote controlled locking device on his ship.


  • The Raging Rodent
  • Captain Carnage