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Queen Marion was the wife of King Oritel and the Queen of the planet Domino (Sparks in 4Kids version) and the character of Winx Club. She was the biological mother of Bloom and Daphine.


After the battle with the Ancestral Witches, she was kept in Oritel's sword for eighteen years in the cold and dark inter-dimension of the Obsidian Circle.

She and Oritel were presumably brought together by an arranged marriage, which (revealed in the second movie) is a long upheld tradition in the Domino royal family. Assuming she married at the age of 18 and gave birth to Princess Daphne around the age of 20, and Princess Bloom when she was 36, placing her approximate age somewhere between 54 and 56 years old. Despite her biological age, Marion still upholds a very youthful appearance, due to being temporarily frozen in the Sword of Domino for eighteen years.

Not much is known about Marion's personality beyond the brief airtime she has had in both movies and her short (mostly cameo) appearances in the series. She looks to be a very calm and demure Queen, who has a lot of love for her family and her kingdom.

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