I may not like giving you a job, McCain but it does mean you have to follow my orders. FIRST ONE! Get down to the basement and GET A UNIFORM ON!
~ Dunby meeting Chase McCain after 2 years
…His other mistake was undoubting the ability of the man who arrested him. ME!
~ Dunby to a board meeting

Chief Marion Dunby is one of the secondary tritagonists of both Lego City Undercover and The Chase Begins. Though he is the chief of LCPD, he severely dislikes the main protagonist, Chase McCain and goes out of his way to make sure he does no police work out of paranoia that he'll steal his fame which coincides with his superior, Mayor Gleeson who favours Chase.


And that is Deputy Dunby. He's tough… but unfair
~ Chase McCain describing Dunby
Dunby tends to be largely disliked amongst the LCPD, the people he work with tend to view him as crass, obnoxious, loud and monumentally bad-tempered. Dunby was also incredibly arrogant, to the point where he ignored his superiors by letting Chase McCain on the field when in reality he kept him far away from the Fury Investigation. He also constantly brings how he arrested Rex Fury into any conversation despite the fact that he only did the actual arrest whereas Chase McCain did everything else. He also became even more lazy after Chase returned 2 years later, he barely moved at all and the most active he got was with his police-brand Segway and even fell asleep on the job more than once.

He held a special dislike for Chase McCain who was his rival. Dunby went to insane lengths to make sure he did no police work, in fact the most arduous job he McCain in The Chase Begins was to bring him a truckload of doughnuts and was even willing to allow a known criminal, Rex Fury be on the run simply becuase he didn't want him on the case. Despite this he was more inconvenienced when he had discovered that McCain that had defied his orders when he found a lead on Fury, giving him free run to do what he pleases but warns him he will be fired should the lead go nowhere.

However Dunby did redeem himself at the end. He gave a genuine compliment to McCain when he had saved Lego City from destruction and even gave him a chance to make the proper arrest for Fury but allowed Dunby to have it once again.

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