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You know what I hate most about you, Marion? You're consistently, eternally wrong… and yet you're still alive. All those lost battles, every year of that entire lost war, but somehow you always cobble together enough dumb luck to walk away unscathed. The eternal sole survivor. You don't deserve that kind of luck. Nobody does.
~ SCP-3125 to Marion Wheeler in "Your Last First Day".
She feels it, now. She knows in her bones that she is irreal; an animate memory; an ideal, an abstract. When she started to exist a few moments ago she was mostly realistic, but she can feel flaws and complexity being stripped away from her. She can see the shape of the idea complex which Hughes is assembling around her. It looks familiar. It looks like a heavily reworked slice through the concept of the Foundation itself. The Foundation's noblest intentions and achievements, at least. The best purpose of its existence: to protect people. To swallow up all the horror, to manage it and understand it, to keep it under lock and key, so that people don't have to be afraid.
~ Marion’s inner monologue in "Tombstone".

Marion Wheeler is one of the notable characters and scientists in the universe of the SCP Foundation. She is the protagonist of the first series of tales set in the "Antimemetics Division" storyline, in which she tried to solve the mystery of the unexplained disappearance of the original Antimemetics Division, which lead to her confrontation with the evil god-like entity designated SCP-3125, leaving Wheeler to try to stop it from destroying all of reality.


Marion Hutchinson was born in 1965 and had a normal and quite successful life. After her employment in the SCP Foundation she joined the Department of Cognitohazards' Antimemetics Division and was taught by its founder, Dr. Lyn Patrick Marness, everything she needed to know about antimemetic anomalies which allowed her become the chief of the division. However, because of the nature of antimemetics she and fellow division personnel needed to regularly take Class-W mnestics in order to not forget. During her time in the division, in 1995 Marion was sent to a hospital that was infested by an antimemetic entity made out of masses of flesh previously designated SCP-4051. During the mission she encountered the only survivor, violinist Adam Wheeler, who happened to have some natural immunity to antimemes, and the two managed to temporarily evade the monster before being rescued by the Foundation. Following the incident the two fell in love with each other and in 1998 they got married and together conceived two sons. While working, another invisible antimemetic creature previously designated SCP-4987 began relentlessly stalking her and slowly eat Marion's memories, but thanks to her mental training she was able to take the situation under her control by feeding it mundane memories such as her password and how to make coffee. In 2008, Wheeler, alongside other members of the division which included Bart Hughes, Michael Li, Director Graves and O5-8, held a meeting inside a seal room made out of a skull of a stillborn instance of SCP-2256, in Site 167, and discussed measures to combat the ancient hostile memeplex designated SCP-3125. However, during the discussion, Li was taken over by SCP-3125 and killed both Graves and Hughes, since the latter was the only one who could create a countermeme which would neutralize SCP-3125, but before Li could kill Wheeler and O5-8 she was able to kill him first. Unfortunately, because their temporary mind modifications have been compromised SCP-3125 was able to manifest a number of arachnoforms which began going after the two. Seeing no way out of this Wheeler injected both herself and O5-8 with amnestics in order to evade SCP-3125's attack, before escaping via a pod, leaving Site-167, the division's headquarters, to be destroyed by the evil entity.

Eventually in 2015, O5-8 had forgotten about Wheeler and the Division and being surprised at her involvement in the Foundation, called her to his office, since he thought that she was a spy. Marion began explaining to him her involvement and the Division and revealed to O5-8 that the reason why he had forgotten was because his personal assistant "Clay" was in fact an antimemetic humanoid entity who prevented the O5 from taking his dose of mnestics, but she was able to use "SCP-4987"'s powers to steal Clay's gun and kill it. After that she comforted fellow researcher, Paul Kim, who had been attacked several times by hostile antimemetics entities, the latest entity being "SCP-4739". Wheeler congratulated Kim on his job of seemingly defeating SCP-4739 before instructing him to write a proper SCP file in order to combat the entity if it ever came back.

In August, when Wheeler began investigating about the Antimemetics Division's predecessor and what had happened, she became influenced by SCP-3125. She went to the island in the middle of a lake where the retired Marness had been living, after he was forced to forget his experience in the Foundation. Upon meeting the ninety years old Marness Wheeler took him to a boat in the lake and injected him with the lethal class-X mnestics which began rejuvenating him and allowing him to remember everything that he had forgotten. He began explaining to Wheeler how the first Antimemetic Division he had helped create alongside his scientist friends was originally a project created by the U.S. Army during World War II with the intention of removing the idea of Nazism from the collective consciousness. As he kept on rejuvenating Marness further explained how they had created an experimental bomb that upon its detonation made everyone involved forget about its existence and the detonation, and after the war ended they used a second bomb on the newly created Fifth Church in 1951. However, after explaining that following the destruction of the Fifth Church SCP-3125 began attacking the division in 1976, which led to Marness using the last antimemetic bomb to destroy the division and making himself forget about the entity's existence, SCP-3125 was then able to take control of Marness, since it had been trapped inside his head all these years and was able to escape after he finally remembered it. After killing Marness SCP-3125 began attacking Wheeler who was forced to inject herself with class-B amnestics and threw herself in the water in order to forget about the entity. This worked as after she forgot about it SCP-3125 also forgot about her, but not before it activated an emergency beacon which alarmed an extraction team who proceeded to save an unconscious Wheeler. She was sent to a hospital due to the dangerous mix of mnestics and amnestics in her body and upon waking up she became confused of what had happened since she was unable to remember anything.

After she fully recovered, SCP-4987 was able to sense the danger coming to Marion and her family and so it decided to take away her memories of her husband in order to keep SCP-3125 away from Adam. Having forgotten her entire experience with Adam she was shocked when he entered her home which was isolated from public view deep in a forest. She had personnel detain him and sent to Site-41 where personnel, who were already familiar with him, began questioning him, while Marion tried to refamiliarize with him. Adam tried in vain to remind Marion about their time together but he did remind her of a war against the entity. After she realized the reason why SCP-4987 erased her memories of Adam she had him put under witness protection, while she properly removed all of her memories regarding Adam in order to keep him safe.

Eventually as SCP-3125 kept on attacking various groups which studied antimemetics, the Foundation's Antimemetic Division became the only remaining one with only forty members in comparison to how it first started. After Wheeler explained to the new recruit, Eli Moreno, the nature of SCP-9429, a giant memorial about the Oblitus civilization that was eradicated by another memeplex designated SCP-9429-A Moreno was attacked by SCP-3125 which was unable to perceive Wheeler, since the latter possessed no knowledge of it. Wheeler tried to save Moreno by temporarily knocking her out in order to for the entity to be unable to perceive it, but Moreno's heart stopped after she immediately woke up, forcing Wheeler to try restart her heart through CPR, but to no avail. After learning some information regarding SCP-3125 thanks to Moreno describing it to her, both of them were able to perceive one another. She then went to an antechamber underneath Site 41 that was specifically designed for keeping SCP-3125 out. Upon entering the room she found a laptop that began playing a video made by herself back when she still remembered about the entity and Adam. The video explained to Wheeler the nature of SCP-3125 and the dire situation they were currently and expressed uncertainty if they were able to find a way to defeat it. After the video ended, Wheeler was left to think of a way to keep SCP-3125 from destroying humanity and reality which resulted in her undergoing a panic attack. She was then found by Kim who tried to help her, but at that moment he was taken over by SCP-3125 and attempted to kill her. Luckily, she was able to subdue him and escaped to the elevator while grabbing an alien red ray gun designated SCP-7381 which was capable of disintegrating a part of any object.

While the entire site was being taken over by SCP-3125 and erupting in chaos, Marion decided to inject herself with an overdose of class-Z mnestics which allowed her to permanently remember every single thing and not be affected by antimemetics. However, because of this her mind became extremely overwhelmed by all registered information which was not disregarded by her brain, but was also able to perceive SCP-3125 without it affecting her and remembered a way that could stop it. After arriving on the thirtieth floor underground Site 41 she made her way through the hallway while SCP-3125 began taunting her. She entered inside the airlock which she thought contained a machine that was built by Hughes since he had actually faked his death via cloning. However, she instead found just another antimemetic warhead that when detonated would simply erase the existence of the Antimemetics Division from everyone's minds while SCP-3125 would just be deterred and ready to strike another time. As the infected individuals breached the airlock Wheeler in her final moments not seeing any other option detonated the bomb which caused Site 41 and everything related to it to be forgotten, including SCP-3125 which was left unharmed.

Following her death, she was transformed into a new state of existence similar to SCP-2111 and was reunited with fellow personnel who had also died and achieved this state of existence and formed the secret MTF Omega-0, also known as Ará Orún. However, due to the way she died Marion was left completely broken and unable to properly talk to the MTF who tried to support her. A year after Marion had died, SCP-3125 was able to reincarnate again and went on to possess most of humanity which also included her husband Adam who had mostly forgotten about her due to this. Because of SCP-3125's takeover the MTF was slowly dying out which forced their commander to split the team into three subteams, with Ulrich taking Marion and a few other members through the noösphere in order to find a way to stop it or at least die trying. Thankfully, they were able to find Adam's mind in the noösphere which allowed Ulrich to reform his mind in order for him to be able to fight the influence of the entity. After being temporarily freed he was directed by Ulrich to a classroom inside a school which contained chalk drawing of Marion on a blackboard. Adam was able to remember Marion which allowed her to communicate with him and told him of what had happened before his mind was taken over again. As both Marion and Ulrich were about to fade away, Ulrich was able to once again free Adam from SCP-3125's control and properly explained to him what was going on and what he should do. Following this Ulrich was then immediately killed by SCP-3125, while Marion faded away due to Adam still not remembering her.

After Adam arrived to Site 167 and met Hughes who had become an organic blob, Hughes gave Adam class-Z mnestics which allowed him to finally remember Marion who was able to come back. Hughes then used the machine he had created to amplify Adam's memories of Marion which transformed her into a countermeme capable of finally destroying SCP-3125. Marion and Adam proceed to reunite with each other, before being forced to leave her dying husband behind while she launched herself towards SCP-3125. As she ascended through layers of reality she gradually began destroying the evil entity which had destroyed their lives, eventually leaving it to be dispersed away and freeing all of humanity who afterwards returned to normal with no knowledge of what had happened.

When an antimemetic and pataphysical monster attached itself to Pataphysicist Kimba Laslow of Site-87 to use her to feed on the memories and stories she jumped into, causing disturbance in the town Sloth's Pit, the current Nobody Alison Carol, who was only one able to notice the creature, tried to find a way to stop it. This led her to the Wanderer's Library where she found a tome labeled There Is No Antimemetics Division that told about Marion Wheeler. Carol then proceeded to use her powers over the Narrative to create a pataphysical construct of Wheeler to help them defeat the monster, but didn't tell her the whole plan due to the nature of the Narrative. After Laslow attempted to poison it by bringing it to a secluded well, Wheeler, Carol and Katherine Sinclair joined her, but were all affected by the monster. Upon reaching the well, Wheeler decided to threaten Laslow with a gun in order for her remember part of their plan which they had forgot. This worked as Laslow was able to remember part of the plan and pulled out her copy of Lovecraft's "The Colour Out of Space" and together jumped inside the story, and while within the story Wheeler then threatened Carol for her to remember the other part of the plan. This also worked as Carol remembered and began using her powers to bring them back out of the story, while taking the setting she had manipulated within the story with them. This resulted in the monster manifesting itself and attempted to attack them, but Sinclair was able to kill it using her magic. After that, Marion stepped over the edge of the well before disappearing, leaving both Laslow and Sinclair confused at who she was.


According to her character sheet, Marion Wheeler was around 50 years old, standing 1.55m tall, and possessing petite-ish build. She possessed long, very dark or black wavy hair which ended just past the shoulder, with streaks of grey, since she didn't dye them and usually she pinned up or tied her hair back. She possessed either greyish or brownish colored eyes. She wore fashionable, varifocal glasses with thick, bright blue square frames, a business suit with trousers, and jacket which she typically took it off, a naturally colored blouse with an interesting design, good quality ankle boots with stubby heels, a mechanical wristwatch, and previously wore a wedding ring before taking it off after removing her memories of Adam. She also always wore a chunky and brightly colored Foundation photo ID card at work, wearing it around her neck with a lanyard which was also brightly colored.

After she became an informational constructs Marion had no real appearance due to now lacking a body, but she could appear herself as her original form depending on the memories of the people who remembered her. During the takeover of SCP-3125 Marion was described as malformed due to people forgetting about her. After being remembered by Adam again she temporarily took the appearance of her old self.

Powers and Abilities

Marion Wheeler was originally a normal human, but thanks to her training in dealing with antimemetic anomalies and the usage of mnestics, she was able to protect her mind from the harmful effects of these anomalies. She was also capable of using weapons such as firearms against more physical threats. After taking an overdose of Class-Z mnestics she became unable to forget anything which also included the smallest things which the brain would naturally disregard, causing severe brain damage to her that would have left her becoming brain dead.

Following her death, thanks to people who had experience with mnestics remembering her, Marion became an informational entity inhabiting the human collective consciousness exactly like SCP-2111 and MTF Omega-0. After Marion was amplified by Hughes' machine she became a countermeme powerful enough to completely destroy SCP-3125 without much effort. As she destroyed the entity she also began ascending through different layers of reality inside the noosphere.


While at her job Marion was very pragmatic, assertive and authoritarian. She took her job extremely seriously and with confidence and was always determined to complete every task given to her, a thing which she seemed to be proud of. Despite not showing much emotion outside and generally having somewhat of a sour attitude, she dearly loved her husband Adam, preferring to share as much time together as possible before she deleted her memories about him in order to keep him safe, and cared about her coworkers as she often sympathized with them when they went through a bad experience. However, as SCP-3125 began messing with her life she tried her best to keep it away from humanity but the futility of her attempts had deeply destroyed her self-confidence as she thought that everything she tried was in vain and there was nothing she could do, and seeing herself in this state devastated her even more. After taking an overdose of class-Z mnestics and becoming an informational ghost she was left mentally broken and unable to form full sentences with the only thing gave her hope being her husband Adam. After reuniting with Adam and being amplified by Hughes she was once again determined to destroy SCP-3125 for good, while being dismayed that she would not see her husband ever again.

In Other Media

There Is No Antimemetics Division

Marion Wheeler appears as the main protagonist in the book adaptation of the first series "There Is No Antimemetics Division" written by the original author of the series qntm.



  • Marion along with her husband hate The X-Files, and she tried to avoid looking like Dana Scully or Elle from Men In Black while at work in Site 41.
  • She and Adam liked Bruce Lee's movies and also liked talking about David Lynch.
  • The tale "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?" features a version of Marion Wheeler who survived her encounter with SCP-3125 and successfully defeated it, and later on in the tale she became friends with Dr. Robert Scranton who also managed to survive.
  • Following the destruction of the Antimemetics Division, Wheeler's name alongside the names of the rest of Division's personnel were written in the PDF file named "The Nameless" from the "Mort" shelf of SCP-4982, a modified bookcase which contains anomalous books casted out of the Wanderer's Library. After reading the file the Foundation was only able to recognize Marion's name.
  • Marion appears in "The beat of rain upon the land, broken teardrop in my hand" set in the "Aces and Eights" canon, a universe in which the SCP Foundation is set in the Old Wild West, where she encounters and helps journalist Iris Thompson in killing the antimemetic being known as Alistair Grey.
  • With the collaboration of the Global Occult Coalition, Marion along with the Division helped in neutralizing SCP-6421, a phenomenon which caused billboards and posters which displayed the character of Spider-Man as the current president of Chile to brainwash people into believing that the character of in fact Chile's president, by creating an antimeme that caused the entire world to forget about Spider-Man.

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