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Heroine Overview

Every star has a reason. They don't have to fit in with the other stars to be important. They just have to be themselves. That star is the one I need.
~ Mariposa.
Really?... Adored? I don't need that anymore.
~ Mariposa to Henna.
Hmmmm. It's says here that outsiders are forbidden to touch a Crystallite, especially the Heartstone, which is the most powerful Crystallite in Shimmervale. That's why the King was so upset at tea.
~ Mariposa to Zee when she resumes the meaning of the Crystallites.

Mariposa is the titular main protagonist in the 2008 direct-to-DVD animated film, Barbie: Mariposa, and the 2013 sequel, Barbie: Mariposa & the Fairy Princess. She is a butterfly fairy who lives in Flutterfield with her friends and pet, Zee. She is also Prince Carlos's love interest.

She is voiced by Chiara Zanni, who also voiced Dahlia and Nori in Barbie: Fairytopia series, Raquelle in The Barbie Dairies, Princess Edeline in Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princess, and Erika Juno in Barbie in Rock 'N Royals, in the first film, and Kelly Sheridan in the second film. In Japanese dub from the movie, she is voiced by Maaya Sakamoto, who also voiced Elina, Ling Xiaoyu, Princess Annika, Motoko Kusanagi, Kristyn Farraday, and Princess Lumina.


The first movie

Mariposa had always felt different, like she didn't belong; staying out late watching the stars, dreaming of one day seeing the world outside Flutterfield. While intending with attending a party for Prince Carlos, Mariposa decides to leave as she running into Prince Carlos, the two soon realize that they are very similar, so when Queen Marabella is poisoned, Prince Carlos seeks the help of Mariposa.

At some way, Mariposa then journeys out of Flutterfield with two obnoxious fairies, Rayna and Rayla. Meeting new friends along the way and avoiding numerous monsters such as a Sea Beast and Skeezites, Mariposa meets Zinzie, which begins to finds the Ilios antidote using her knowledge of constellations in the sky, thus transforming her wings to become more beautiful than before.

When she returns to Flutterfield she discovers her friend, Henna, the Queen's assistant, is responsible for the Queen's illness. Mariposa is able to save the Queen with the antidote, and the lights around Flutterfield light up just in time to stop the Skeezites from eating the butterfly fairies. Henna flees and Mariposa and her friends are rewarded for their bravery, and Mariposa discovers the best thing you can be is yourself and from then on always felt she belonged.

Barbie: Mariposa & the Fairy Princess

After the incident in defeating Henna and the Skeezites, Mariposa becomes the Royal Historian of Flutterfield. Mariposa is seen flying with Willa in the streets of Flutterfield. People around her greets her, and she greets them back. Suddenly, a fairy stops her to ask Mariposa if she could sign her daughter's book. Mariposa does, and when the mother and daughter leave, Willa asked why she never gets an autograph from Mariposa. Mariposa replies that it's 'because she never has a pen.' Zee runs into Mariposa, crashing into her.

Zee tells her that she is called by the Queen for a reason not even Zee knows. Mariposa and Willa follow Zee. When Mariposa arrives at the palace, she sees Prince Carlos and waves at him. Zee makes funny faces about Mariposa having feelings for Prince Carlos. Mariposa is irritated by her and flies faster. Mariposa and Willa bow to Queen Marabella and Prince Carlos. She becomes dreamy when Prince Carlos greets her, but it is interrupted by Lord Gastrous whom Mariposa forgot to bow and greet. 

Then Queen Marabella asked Mariposa on what she knows about the Crystal Fairies, to which Mariposa explains how the Kingdom of Shimmervale is powered by Crystallites. Prince Carlos tells his mother, in a boastful tone, that he told her she'd be perfect for the job, but Lord Gastrous doesn't agree. He states that Mariposa didn't mention that Butterfly Fairies and Crystal Fairies have been sworn enemies for many centuries. Mariposa openly states that she disagrees, and Lord Gastrous takes that as proof that Mariposa is misinformed.

Willa joins in and says to Mariposa that Crystal Fairies are "mean and cruel," and that everyone knows that. Mariposa says that it is because it's what they're led to believe, that the information is in their fairytales, but the real history is different. She then begins to read from the book, saying aloud that centuries ago, Butterfly Fairies and Crystal Fairies were allies. But one day, the King of the Crystal Fairies accused the Butterfly Fairies of stealing their Crystallites.

The Butterfly Fairies denied it, and the Crystal Fairies did not believe them. Their anger became so intense that they declared themselves as enemies from now on. Willa then asks about how the Crystal Fairies grind the Butterfly Fairies' wings to make their bread, and Mariposa tells her that she won't find it because it never happened. Lord Gastrous still does not believe her, and tells the Queen that Mariposa is clueless.

Despite of that, Mariposa stands up for herself and says that anything said negative about the Crystal Fairies are only stories and proclaimed the truth is in history. Queen Marabella agreed to Mariposa and said the facts should be based on research, not fairytales. With that, the Queen appointed Mariposa as the Royal Ambassador to Shimmervale after hearing Mariposa's conclusion. Mariposa is shocked. Willa complains, saying that the Crystal Fairies are dangerous. But Queen Marabella assures her.

Mariposa asks about the Royal Library and who will look after it, to which the Queen insists on Wila doing it and Carlos volunteers to help. Prince Carlos assures her that Mariposa will be loved by the people of Shimmervale. Mariposa doubts it and flies off. Mariposa is reading her book in her usual spot, with Zee. Suddenly, Prince Carlos arrives and asks Mariposa why she doesn't want to go to Shimmervale. Mariposa replies that she isn't the ambassador material type.

Prince Carlos assures her by saying she is the most smartest fairy he ever knew, and that she read every book on Shimmervale. Still, Mariposa hesitates and worries. Prince Carlos cheers her up by saying he believes Mariposa will succeed. Yet, Mariposa is still afraid because she might do or say the wrong thing, making it worse. Prince Carlos says to her to just to be herself and  gave a tip: "the best way to make a friend is to be a friend." Mariposa thinks about what the Prince said.

Then, Prince Carlos gives Mariposa a Flutter Flower to remind her of home if she ever doubts. Mariposa changes her mind and agrees to go. She asks Prince Carlos to give thanks to the Queen. Prince Carlos informs her she will be greeted in the outskirts of Shimmervale. The next day, Mariposa packs her things with Willa's help. While doing so, she gives Willa a list of assignments. Mariposa then asks Willa if she forget anything else and Willa informs Mariposa that she hadn't packed her clothes, which Mariposa suddenly realizes.

Willa takes a few clothes and puts them in the bag. They are having hard time locking Mariposa's bag because of many books Mariposa put in. After several tries and with the help of Zee, they finally manage to lock it. Mariposa bids farewell to Willa and they flew off to Shimmervale. Mariposa reads that she has to wait in the meeting spot, The Grand Welcome. But when she arrives, everyone is not present except for Talayla. Talayla is hiding because she is scared of Mariposa.

When they find her, Mariposa informs her she won't hurt Talayla. Talayla becomes cheerful and happy. Mariposa asks Talayla where everyone is and Talayla replies that everyone was too afraid to come. They are afraid of Mariposa because she is a Butterfly Fairy. Then Talayla gives her a tour of Shimmervale. On the tour, the Shimmervale, people close their windows when they see Mariposa. While Talayla is explaining about the castle's history, a fairy calls her and it turns out to be Catania, the Princess of Shimmervale.

They talk, but it is shortlived because she is ordered by her father to stay away from the window. Talayla arrives and is glad she found Mariposa 'cause she thinks she lost them like she did other visitors. Then she shows Mariposa's room. Mariposa is shocked to see her decorated rooms filled with scary plants, but Mariposa tries to sound grateful. Talayla said she decorated it herself according to what she knows about Butterfly Fairies, which mostly is based on the fairytales.

Talayla then introduced Mariposa to King Regellius and Princess Catania. Mariposa remembers Catania and greets her with a "hey." This angers the King and questions Mariposa the way she greets the Princess of Shimmervale. Mariposa rejects and begins to get confused on how to explain it, but thankfully Catania explains that it is a term of deep respect. Then the King invites her to a Royal Tea. The King asks about how they defeated the Skeezites, claiming that Mariposa must have been trained to fight.

Mariposa says she is not, and that they have trained warriors. The King stops asking about it after a few questions. Mariposa then sees a small crystal and tries to touch it. The King stops her, warning her that it can be only touched by Crystal Fairies and Mariposa apologizes. When Mariposa gives Talayla space to pour her tea, she ends up making the the King's tea fall down and the teapot drop on the table.

On the way there, King Regellius wants to continue the discussion they had at the Royal Tea, mentioning that the Butterfly Faires are trained in combat skills-hand to hand to fight the Skeezites. Mariposa said it never occured to her because she got help from Rayna, Rayla, Zinzie, and the mermaid people. This makes the King impatient, mistaking that Mariposa does not want to reveal the secret, thus saying "If you don't want to tell me, just say so."

Mariposa apologizes sincerely and said she wasn't trying to be abrasive, but this angered the King and looked away from Mariposa. Mariposa became disappointed when no one greets her. Although the King and Catania try to cheer her, the people kept denying it. Seeing this will be useless, Mariposa goes away, but her wings accidentally hit the King's crown and Mariposa realizes it so she quickly tries to grab it without knowing her satchel bag got stuck by the King's arm, thus making those two fall down and making the people mistake it for attacking the King.

Mariposa apologizes which about her give back the crown. On the next day, Mariposa greets Zee "good morning" and assured herself today will be better. Then suddenly, Talayla barges in and gives Mariposa her ball dress for the annual Crystal Ball. Talayla explained it is the most popular event in the year and everyone comes to celebrate in the palace. Seeing this opportunity, Mariposa said she can win the citizen of Shimmervale and sees that both fairies can get along. She asked Talayla where's the King to thank him for the invitation.

Mariposa meets the King in the throne room and thanks him for the invitation. She asked if she can address the people of Shimmervale and send greetings from Queen Marabella. The king agreed and Mariposa thanks him. When Zee tries to catch Anu in revenge him, Mariposa tries to stops Zee, but it ends up destroying the mini figure of the Kingdom by slamming her hand in the table accidentally. This angered the king and Mariposa try to help cleaning it but her wings flaps and hit the King's face.

The king got angry and asked Mariposa to do something with her menace wings. Mariposa confused and try to flip her wings which turned into a skirts. The king is satisfied and asked Mariposa to kept it that way and then leave. Mariposa confused on how to do it since the wings go back up again and said it would be a problem. Mariposa walks back to her room and when she open her door she is surprised her room changed completely like her home and more beautiful. Mariposa finds out Catania had redecorated her room with the help of Anu.

Catania then began to explain she reads everything about Butterfly fairies before Mariposa came. Catania said that she is likes to read and get losts in reading books which Mariposa agreed on happily. Then Catania shows her small library filled with books just for Mariposa. Mariposa astonished and Catania order Mariposa to take her favorite book: Flight of Fancy. Mariposa follows Catania to one of her favorite reading spots.

Catania wants to show her The Heartstone but Mariposa hesistate since she remembered outsiders are not allowed to touch and the king warnings at the tea time. But Catania invites her to so she flew up. Mariposa sees the beautiful glowing Heartstone and Catania said that it's the most powerful one and she feel safe like nothing can harm her. The last sentence intrigues Mariposa to asks who can harm her.

Catania changed the topic right away by asking if Mariposa is homesick to which Mariposa she began to enjoy her time in Shimmervale and can't wait to see Glowwater Falls again. When Mariposa heard Catania haven't been to GlowWaterfalls for years she suggest to go there now and make it in time for the Crystal Ball. Catania agreed with Mariposa persuasion and she takes Mariposa to the crystal cave. Mariposa played rainbow rocks with Catania and they had a blast. Then they both read together and after a while Mariposa asked Catania why she doesn't go here and if its related why she doesn't fly with her wings.

Seeing Sophie and Catania hesistate, Mariposa said that it's fine if Catania doesn't want to tell but Catania said she does and began to open up. After Mariposa hear Catania's story about her encounter with Gwyllion and why doesn't fly anymore, Mariposa began to understand and asked if Catania worried Gwyllion will come back one day. Catania answers her father worries a lot and the real reason why he invited Mariposa to come to Shimmervale was to get advice on how to defeat Gwyllion.

Mariposa is shocked, and wonders why King Regellius didn't ask Queen Marabella to which Catania admits that her father doesn't trust Butterfly fairies that much. Mariposa asks if Catania trusts her, to which Catania said yes. Catania then gives her a crystal necklace. Mariposa at first obliged because there is no history Butterfly fairies can take crystalites but Catania assured she is not stealing it because Catania gave it to her. Mariposa then give her Flutter Flower in exchange for the gift.

Suddenly the Flutter Flower and crystal necklace began to glow as it responding to each other. After a moment, they remember the Crystal Ball. At the palace, Mariposa already changed her dress then Talayla knocks in. Talayla is surprised that Mariposa is not ready yet to which Mariposa reply already and show her the dress. But Talayla said Mariposa is not shimmer yet and she whistle some small fairies to Shimmerize Mariposa's dress. Mariposa thanks the pixies and said in Flutterfield they are called Flutterpixies.

Mariposa arrived at the Ball with her wings folded down already. Mariposa is amazed at the beautiful sight of the Crystal Ball. She then realize she can't dance because she have to fly to do it nor can she get down from the top of the balcony. Catania arrived and offer Mariposa rides in her carriage. Mariposa then shocked  to see Catania folds her wings. They both flew down from the balcony. Seeing Catania feeling sad and miss dancing, she suggests to dance on the floor.

Mariposa asked Sophie to takes both of them down and she started to dance in the floor. Catania at first is shy, afraid other people watching. Eventually they both did and soon other people joined too and they had a blast. People applause at both of them and suddenly Catania's wing flew out and hits Mariposa which she falls to the floor. Mariposa now knows what it feels like to be accidentally hit by wings. Then one of the guests, seeing Mariposa wearing a crystal necklace and shout Mariposa stole it after all the trusts they put to her.

The ball becomes a ruckus when one Crystal Fairy shouts out "Watch out for her firebreath!". King Regellius then stormed in and orders his people to be quiet. King Regellius accused Mariposa and disappoint at her after he put trust in her and welcome her. Mariposa tried to explained, Catania defends Mariposa by saying "I gave it to her when we go to GlowWater Falls". Hearing that, King Regellius is furious with Catania and scolds her.

Mariposa defends Catania, saying that she understands that he is just trying to protect her. But this make the King even angered because he pointed out Mariposa doesn't know how to protect a kingdom and the Crystal Fairies so they can only rely on themselves. The King ordered Mariposa to leave. Mariposa is baffled, and asks if he only meant to leave the ballroom, to which King Regellius demands that she leaves Shimmervale for good. Though initially hesitant, Mariposa obeys and gives the necklace back to Catania.

On the way leaving Shimmervale, Mariposa spots an old woman with riding clouds. Mariposa thought everyone is in the castle for the ball and suddenly assume what if the old woman is Gwyllion. Mariposa then goes back to Shimmervale to rescue everyone even though Zee rejects few times but decide to after Mariposa asked if Anu is not Zee's friend. Mariposa sees Gwyllion turned all the crystalites to stones. Mariposa then find Catania in the hiding places.

Both of them are the only two who haven't been froze by Gwyllion in the ballroom. Catania explained to Mariposa that the Heartstone is like a candle that can light up the other crystalites. Mariposa decides to stop Gwyllion by breaking her staff but Boris found them and distract them while his mistress on the way to destroy the Heartstone.

This make Catania fall but Sophie is in time to save her. Catania runs away and Boris chases her and distract her. Mariposa stops Boris by asking Zee and Anu to throw fruits on Boris to prevent him bothering Catania. Boris chases Zee and Anu for revenge but he falls into Mariposa's trap which Mariposa makes Boris hits plates of fruit by surprise and trap him inside by putting the fruit plates upside down. Afterwards, Mariposa gathered with Catania and since Sophie can't fly anymore to carry Catania. It is up to Mariposa, Catania, Zee, and Anu to stop Gwyllion.

However, Catania is still scared so only Mariposa, Zee and Anu can stop Gwyllion. Mariosa arrived and grabs onto Gwyllion's staff immediately. However Mariposa almost fall so she lost her grip and managed to dodge few spells from Gwyllion. Mariosa began to fly circle to dodge Gwyllion's shot but Boris managed to chase her away. Gwyllion wants to continue her plan but Zee and Anu came to rescue. Gwyllion shouts Boris to distract these puffballs which he did and leave Mariposa alone.

Mariposa sneaked from behind and planned to take the staff without noticing Gwyllion. Unfortunately, Gwyllion sees through her plan by saw Mariposa tried to sneak behind in the Heartstone's reflection. So Gwyllion freeze and this time Mariposa cannot dodge it and got froze. Catania sees the defeated Mariposa and she begins to worry. Then she notices she began to flew by herself and decide to do it by herself and help Mariposa. Catania stops Gwyllion by flying infront of her and tries wrench her staff from her grip.

Gwyllion plans to hit Catania with her magic since the magic ball is infront of Catania. Catania lets go and Gwyllion begins to fall but saved by Boris ending the staff broken completely. And everyone including Mariposa free from Gwyllion spells. Mariposa and Catania try to figure out to break the spell that put in the Heartstone. Mariposa notice Catania's pocket is glowing. Catania takes it out and revealed the Flutter Flower Mariposa gave glows.

When Catania takes it out the Flutter Flower makes the crystal in Catania's necklace glow and Mariposa asks Catania to hold close near the Heartstone. At first nothing response but suddenly light cames out and Mariposa asked to get it more closer. It worked succesfully and the Heartsone began to glow brighter and brighter and light up the other Crystalites and Mariposa dress and hair began to changed so does Catania. They both fly to King Regellius and the King thanks Mariposa and apologizes to her for misjudging her, in which Mariposa smiles.

Mariposa notices the cry of Boris and sees Gwyllion becoming weaker. King Regellius decides to punish her, but Catania intervenes and remind her father what's the cause of it. Catania offers her hand to Gwyllion, Zee became confused and asks Mariposa what is Catania doing. Mariposa reply Catania is being a friend or making one. Mariposa and the others witness Gwyllion changing into a kind woman because of Catania's act of kindness. King Regellius said he would like to repay Mariposa's kindness.

Mariposa thanks him and suddenly had this idea in her mind. The next scene shows, there is a party in Flutterfield which we can assume this is Mariposa's idea to unite the two Kingdoms. Mariposa is in the ball showing what could the wings do if folded down with Catania to Willa, Prince Carlos and Talayla. Willa laughs at the idea Mariposa hits the King's crown with her wings accidentally. Mariposa then asks Prince Carlos about the duties in the Royal Libraries which both Willa answered everything is a breeze, no trouble whatsoever but soon Willa got busted because the people from the tour chased her for refund but Willa managed to escape first.

Mariposa is alone with Prince Carlos after Catania and Talayla leaves them alone. Prince Carlos comments on how impressed he is with Mariposa, which she replies that she couldn't have done it without the Flutter Flower Prince Carlos gave her. A song came out and he asks Mariposa to dance and Mariposa accepts. The film ends with Mariposa dancing happily with Prince Carlos, establish new friendship with Catania and all the people enjoyed their time. Even Zee and Anu enjoyed it and Zee kisses Anu as a sign of liking.


  • Mariposa is the Spanish word for "butterfly".
  • She is the only Barbie character to have brown eyes.
  • She is the only Barbie character to become an ambassador.
  • She was the first protagonist to not be voiced by Kelly Sheridan or Diana Kaarina.
    • However she was voiced by Kelly Sheridan in the sequel.
  • She was the first protagonist to have blonde hair with pink highlights. The second was Thumbelina in Barbie Presents Thumbelina; the third was Merliah Summers in A Mermaid Tale; the fourth was Barbie in Barbie: A Fairy Secret; and the fifth is Princess Lumina in Barbie: The Pearl Princess.
  • She is the second character played by Barbie who has strawberry blonde hair, the first was Giselle from Barbie in The Pink Shoes.
  • Her favorite book is Flight of Fancy, and it is also Princess Catania's favorite.
  • In some pictures of Barbie Mariposa & the Fairy Princess storybooks, she still has her pink highlights, and her butterfly wings were dark pink, sparkly and bigger, like in the first film.
  • She is the third fairy who has a puffball as a pet. The first being Elina, the second being Glee, and the fourth being Princess Catania. She only has her puffball in the sequel, however, and it is not explained why she didn't have one in the original, or how she came to have one.
  • Her ponytail hairstyle in Barbie Mariposa & the Fairy Princess is reused with Sandrine from Barbie: The Pearl Princess and Romy from Barbie and the Secret Door (teaser trailer).
  • Her wings and dress can be seen in a vitrine of the International Intelligence and Inovation Agency (or I3) in the background in Barbie: Spy Squad, when Barbie and her friends are trying various costumes after they became spies.
  • In the first Mariposa film, it is said by Elina that Mariposa is a good friend of her, meaning that Elina was played by Barbie, while Mariposa wasn't; but in the sequel, Catania is not played by Barbie, meaning Mariposa is. So it could be a mistake or the writers decided for some reason to change roles meaning that Elina and Mariposa both were played by Barbie.
  • Mariposa is the first Barbie character to have strawberry blonde hair in the sequel.
  • She also appeared in the bloopers from the second film.


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Barbie & Her Sisters in The Great Puppy Adventure
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Barbie: Spy Squad
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Barbie: Starlight Adventure
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Barbie & Her Sisters in A Puppy Chase
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Barbie: Video Game Hero
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Barbie: Dolphin Magic
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Barbie: Princess Adventure
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Barbie & Chelsea: The Lost Birthday
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Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams
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Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse
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Barbie: It Takes Two
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Barbie: Mermaid Power
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