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Marissa Faireborn is a female human and ally of the Autobots in The Transformers season 3 and is Flint and Lady Jaye's daughter. She is an officer in the Earth Defence Command. Hailing from a family with a history in the military, Marissa is tough, headstrong and independent. She is also a clearheaded woman who's always calm in a crisis and performs her duties with strict professionalism. She may be small and squishy, but her boldness, strength of heart and skill with many weapons from blaster to knife mean she is respected by both Autobot and Decepticon alike. Also she's great at surfboarding.


In the year 2005, Captain Marissa Faireborn was stationed at the EDC's base on Mars when a call for aid came through from Autobot communications officer Blaster. Marissa had been tracking an Autobot shuttle which had come under attack by Galvatron and the Decepticons in the vicinity of Jupiter, and Blaster requested that she provide back up to the stricken craft. Marissa deployed immediately, but before she could make it onto the scene, the shuttle was destroyed by a cosmic storm, and its occupants—Blurr, Wheelie and the new transforming cog for Metroplex that they were couriering to Earth—were blasted to the planet's moon Io. Tracking their trajectories, Marissa set course for the moon, and arrived to witness the two Autobots being terrorized by a swarm of the moon's native lightpoles. Blurr was able to clear the swarm with cog in hand, and the militaristic Marissa set her ship down and instructed him to come aboard. Unwilling to leave Wheelie behind, the speedy Autobot raced back into the heart of the swarm in order to save his friend, an action that Marissa seemed unable to comprehend, deeming her digital wristwatch capable of better decisions. Nonetheless, she disembarked her ship and entered the fray herself with a jet pack, firing at the lightpoles with a null-ray blaster. Marissa was able to thin the swarm out enough for Blurr and Wheelie to get clear, but before they could get aboard her ship, several of the lightpoles transformed into their missile forms and fell upon the craft, blowing it up.

Marissa quickly took stock of the situation and stopped Blurr from panicking so they could examine the wreckage and see if the ship's radio was still working.



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