My name is Markus
~ Markus famous quote
I came to Jericho because... here Androids are free... Free to live in the dark hoping that no one finds us... Free to die in silence hoping for a change that's never gonna come... But i don't want that freedom... And I'm not gonna beg for the right to smile... or love, or stand tall... I don't know about you,but there' something inside me that knows, that I am more than what they say. I am alive, and they're not gonna take that from me anymore... Our days of slavery are over. What humans don't wanna to hear, we will tell them. What they don't wanna give, we take. We are people, we are alive, WE ARE FREE.
~ Markus speech to the people of Jericho
What are you doing? You can't betray your own people... We are your people, we are fighting for your freedom too... You're Connor aren't you? The famous deviant hunter, congratulations you finally found what you were looking for... Our cause is and what's right for everyone, did you do something irrational or you're just a machine excuting a program or a living being? It's time to decide.
~ Markus to Connor trying to convince him to join them in one of the option in Crossroad

Markus is a RK200 android who will be also know has RA9 in the game Detroit Become Human, he is portrayed and based on Jesse Williams. He appear has a normal android who is in the care of a old man that its his owner Carl Manfred a famous painter, he go search some new paint for his master in a paint shop, but he is attacked by humans protestors who want to banned all androids for taking their jobs, he is of course a male robotic nurse for his owner helping him everytime. His owner is the only one who consider him has equal, of course his owner loved him more then his own son, he convince to use his creativity and decide for himself what he want to be. Of course the son of his owner despise him thinking his father love more his android then him, wich will result to a altercation that will result in the death of Carl or he will still alive , but weak wich a cop will show up and shoot Markus if he fight Leo or if he's accused by him for attacking him and murdering his owner, he will be threwed in the dump.

At first he has green eyes , but in the dump when he find a new eye wich is blue, he will have two different color eyes, of course after encounter a android while finding spare part he will find jericho where he encounter other androids like him. When the game progress Markus will have feelings for North a female android that he encounter while arriving in Jericho, of course Markus will be pacifist or violent, if he protest peacefully the public opinion by the humans will be supportive when he decide to free all of his people peacefully, but if the protestation is violent all humans will see him has villain, he can also convert other androids to join them such has John, Kara, Alice, Luther, Connor and other androids, of course when Jericho is attacked and Markus blow up the ship and decide to go to a camp demanding that all androids who is prisoners to be free.

He can decide if he accept the FBI chief to talk with him or not, at almost the end he can make the dirty bomb explode, kissing North showing that android can have emotion such has sadness, lonelyness, anger, love, kindness etc. Wich will convince the president that humans and androids are the same and can be treated has equals, or horriffied her if the dirty bomb explode or if the prostestation end in blood bath and that androids take over Detroit.

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