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~ Marrow activating his semblance
I used to wear this rank with pride. Now I see it for what it really is… a collar.
~ Marrow defecting from the Ace Operatives after denouncing Ironwood's threat to bomb Mantle

Marrow Amin is a character from the animated web series RWBY. He is a former member of the Ace Operatives squad, before defecting from the group after James Ironwood's threat to destroy Mantle, though he later reconciles with teammates Elm Ederne and Harriet Bree following Vine Zeki's sacrifice to save them.

He is voiced by Mick Lauer, who also voices Husk in Hazbin Hotel.


Marrow appears as an adult male Faunus with dark skin ,dark teal hair and green eyes. Just like the other Ace Operatives Marrow wears a red, white and blue uniform.

Marrow's Faunus trait is a small dog tail with grey and white fur that protrudes from his lower back.


Marrow first appears with the rest of the Ace Ops arresting Team RWBY and their allies and put them on a transport to Atlas Academy. After Team RWBY's meeting with James Ironwood the Ace Ops make introductions to the team as they prepare for their mission to the abandoned dust mine. During the Mission Marrow, Harriet Bree, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long fight a group of Centinels and later he assists the others in taking on the Geist.

Later during Robyn Hill's election victory party Marrow and Penny Polendina are assigned to act as security and are later joined by Ruby Rose, Nora Valkyrie, and Lie Ren. However during the party, Arthur Watts cuts the power as Tyrian Callows begins massacring the guests and hides when the lights turn back on to frame Penny.

Marrow attends the banquet at the Schnee manor but is disgusted that the only Faunus present are servants and is joyed to leave.

Marrow along with the rest of Ruby's group and the other Ace Ops begin evacuating the citizens of Mantle when the Grimm attack and eventually is called back up to Atlas.

Marrow like the rest of the Ace Ops is given the order to arrest Team RWBY as a massive fight breaks out Marrow takes on Weiss Schnee as she summons her Arma Gigas avatar to combat him, Marrow attempts to use his semblance to gain an edge however he can't keep both the Arma Gigas and Weiss frozen and like the rest of the Ace Ops is defeated and restrained.


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