“Cut your blabbering and bring it on!”
~ Marshal

Marshal is an anti-hero from Mini Fighter and a demonic man who was once a human being and he lives in the country of Romania. His birthdate, blood type, and zodiac sign is unknown.

Physical Appearance

Marshal is a muscular demonic man with long dark blue hair with horns and dark blue eyes. He wears a brown sweater, a dark cloth around front and back on his bottoms, and has black claws on fingers and toes. He has devils wings on his back and has dark blue stripes on his face. His wrists has spiked bracelets, a long black demon tail, and his legs has spiked brown legwear.


Marshal is a fighter who sold his soul to the darkness. According to his comic. He was part of a Mutant race targeted by humans to be purged. His mother was taken and was burned to death but Marshal saved her. Sadly, Even if she was saved she still died with Marshal holding her hands. Rage and Revenge, Marshal sold his soul to obtain demonic powers to avenge his mother. He also worked with Delta-M together and was later attacked and betrayed by him. He and Cro worked together to fight Delta-M.


When Marshal's mother was alive, Marshal is a bright and pure boy, But later then, When his mother died, He is now full of revenge. He is a wrathful, cruel and a vengeful demon that is really fierce and never calms down.




  • Marshal was initially gonna be a catlike creature, but was later changed into a demon because he might copy Felicia from Darkstalkers and might be like a male version of her.

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