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Marshall is a Dalmatian pup from the Nick, Jr. show PAW Patrol. He is a big help to the patrol by using his ladder to climb up to high places and using his water hose for certain missions.

Starting in one of the Season 2 episodes ("Pups Save Jake"), Marshall is also the medic pup.

Marshall is voiced by Gage Munroe in Season 1 of the North American version and Drew Davis in Season 2.


Among the members of the PAW Patrol, Marshall could be considered the "comic relief" character, as he usually acts very silly and clumsy and is quite accident prone. He is easily excited and somewhat air-headed, and not very coordinated. However, he is also very loyal and brave. He is very friendly as well, especially towards birds (such as Fuzzy, the gosling he befriends in the episode "Pup Pup Goose").


Marshall is a Dalmatian puppy with blue eyes. His usual mission outfit consists of a red vest, a firefighter helmet, and a pup pack that contains a water cannon (that is used as a fire hose). In his EMT uniform, he wears a red, yellow trimmed cap, and his pup pack is switched for one that contains various medical supplies.

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