~ Marshmallow as he did his own escort on Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf.

~ Marshmallow

"Marshmallow" is the former secondary antagonist of the 2013 Disney movie, Frozen. It is not his actual name, but a nickname given to him by Olaf when he, Kristoff and Anna encounter him.

He serves as a brutish bodyguard to Queen Elsa, and despite being a good guy, he attacks Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf after Anna made him mad by throwing a snowball at him.

He later shows his heroic side by fighting off Prince Hans (who was not suspected to be the movie's main villain at the time) and his men from proceeding to reach Elsa, but as he tried his best, he fell in the mountain gap, seemingly dying.

After the credits were over, it is revealed that he survived the fall, only to find his mistress's ice castle abandoned and finding her old tiara, which he happily dons on himself and becomes the new ruler of his mistress's old castle.

He is voiced by Paul Briggs.

Powers and abilities

Despite being made from snow and ice, he seems to have no real control over it. However, Marshmallow has immense physical strength, which he uses as his primary weapon. He can grow ice from himself, however, in the form of weapons such as spikes, claws, and teeth to compose armor. He also has shown the ability to breathe blizzards of snow from his mouth. When facing one or two opponents, his immense size and strength can give him the upper hand. However, he does have some difficulty taking on large groups of opponents at one time, due to their strength in numbers and his lack of agility.

Like Elsa, his abilities are controlled by his emotions. When peaceful, Marshmallow's appearance is smooth and warm, much like Olaf, though still hulking due to his size. But when angered, the spikes and shards are unleashed, and the more his fury, the more deadly ice shards consume his body, making him all the more dangerous and powerful.


he is size about 20 ft tall or he size like Gravattack's size he made of snow

Kingdom Heart 3

Marshmallow KHIII

Sora battle to him in boss battle and Sora Defeat Marshmallow and he join Sora Party Member because he is the Giant Snow monster and he help Sora, Donald and Goofy to fight the giant Dragon Snow Heartless

Marshmallow will appear in his homeworld, Arendelle, initially as a boss battle for Sora and his allies and later as a party member. A special attack Sora can perform against Marshmallow is smacking him with a tree, which happens to be the same tactic Anna used against him in the film. When fighting on Sora's party, Sora can ride on Marshmallow's icy hide to perform a move called Avalanche Breath to pummel foes.


He is size like Gravattack's size

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