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No, that would not do. Today is a momentous day for my kingdom and my people. I must celebrate with them now, not later. Anything else would be a disservice to those who died to save Altea. I am a prince before I am a son or a brother. Come, Malledus. Let us go greet my people.
~ Marth in response to Nyna's offer to let someone else greet the liberated Alteans while he grieved over his mother and sister

Marth is a major character in the Fire Emblem video games franchise. He is the main protagonist of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem, and their respective remakes Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem. Although all but Shadow Dragon are exclusive to Japan, Marth gained international attention through his appearances in the Super Smash Bros. series. His debut in Super Smash Bros. Melee, along with Roy, sparked a greater level of western interest in the Fire Emblem franchise, and it was in part because of this that Nintendo began releasing Fire Emblem games internationally, starting with the seventh title in the series, The Blazing Blade.

In Japanese, Marth is voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa as an adult, Yū Kobayashi as a child in games, and Ai Orikasa as a child in the OVA. In English, Marth is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal (who also voiced Sasuke Uchiha in Naruto) in games and Spike Spencer in the OVA.


Marth is a young man with short blue hair. In Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, he wears a light blue tunic with purple cape and shoulder armor. From Mystery of the Emblem onward, Marth is depicted as wearing a blue shirt with darker blue shoulder pads, black pants, and a blue and red cape affixed with a red stone. Marth also wears a small gold headband.


Marth is a confident man who believes that as Prince, he must put the needs of his country and people before himself. Though he struggles with great tragedy, he suppresses it for the sake of those who see him as a symbol of hope. Similarly, he initially refused to act upon his feelings for Princess Caeda, because he believed it would conflict with their ability to heal their damaged nations.

Marth was greatly scarred by the fall of his kingdom and the destruction of his family, believing that his cowardice failed everyone. He was in danger of being consumed by hatred towards the nations allied with the Dolhr Empire, but through his experiences during the War of Shadows, he was guided to see his foes as people with minds and goals of their own.



In the early days of the War of Shadows, Prince Marth of Altea remained in his homeland with his mother Liza and older sister Elice, focusing on his studies. Marth's father, King Cornelius, waged war against the Dolhr Empire, ruled by the tyrannical Earth Dragon Medeus. Though previously slain by Cornelius' grand-uncle Anri, Medeus was resurrected by the Dark Pontifex Gharnef, and so Cornelius strode the battlefield with Anri's sword Falchion, one of the few weapons capable of slaying dragons. With much of the Altean army at the king's side on the battlefield, Altea was protected by a garrison from the allied kingdom of Gra. However, in the midst of battle, Gra betrayed Altea, and the garrison captured its castle for Dolhr. Marth fled the castle with the tactician Malledus and knights Abel, Jagen, and Frey, Elice staying behind to buy him time. On the way out, they were joined by Cain, who was present on the front lines. He stated that King Cornelius was killed and Falchion taken by Gra's forces. Marth also freed the knight Gordin from Gra's forces. The group is overwhelmed by reinforcements led by the king of Gra, Jiol, but are saved when Frey disguises himself as the Prince and flees south, diverting their attention. Altean knight Draug successfully prepared a ship to facilitate their escape, and Marth reluctantly leaves Altea with his retinue, vowing to return to free his homeland and seek vengeance against Gra and the kingdom of Grust.

War of Shadows

For two years after Altea's fall, Marth and his retinue lived in the nation of Talys' eastern fortress, granted to them by King Mostyn. When Galder pirates besieged the island, Mostyn's daughter Princess Caeda alerted them to the raid. After Marth and his men successfully routed the enemy, Mostyn advised them to take arms against the domination of Dolhr. Marth's group first arrived at the country Aurelis, which was occupied by Dolhr ally Macedon. During Aurelis' liberation, Marth befriended its prince, Hardin, and received the Fire Emblem from Princess Nyna of the Holy Kingdom of Archanea, symbolizing him as the world's champion against Dolhr.

From Aurelis, Marth's army liberated Archanea, then stormed Gra both to avenge Cornelius and retrieve Falchion. Gra fell and Jiol was slain, but Falchion was missing. Though Marth wished to liberate Altea, Malledus advised him to storm the desert city of Khadein, as he thought that the sword was held by its ruler, Gharnef. This mission ended in failure, as Falchion was nowhere to be found in Khadein and Gharnef proved invincible to attack thanks to his Imhullu tome.

While Marth's army reclaimed Altea, Marth learned that its occupying ruler, the Manakete Morzas, killed Queen Liza and sent Elice to Gharnef, who needed her to revive the dead with the mystical Aum staff. Despite his grief, Marth turned down Malledus and Nyna's suggestion to rest and greeted the newly freed and overjoyed Alteans. Following this, Marth's army conquered Grust and Macedon, and visited the White Sage Gotoh. Gotoh urged them to defeat Gharnef at the desolate city of Thabes and, using the powerful Starsphere and Lightsphere, created the Starlight tome, which could counter Imhullu's magic. Marth's army successfully slew Gharnef, recovered Falchion, and freed Elice.

Near the end of the War of Shadows, Marth's army attacked the country of Dolhr and stormed its keep, where Medeus waited. Marth engaged him in battle, and with Falchion, slew him as Anri did once before. After the war, Nyna encouraged Marth to confess his love for Caeda, and the two were engaged.

War of Heroes

In the year following the War of Shadows' end, Marth devoted himself to Altea's reconstruction. He also planned a wedding date for Caeda and himself, but was interrupted by a message from Hardin, who had since married Nyna and become Emperor of Archanea. Hardin requested that Marth help suppress an insurrection in Grust. As Archanea held power over Altea, Marth could not disobey this command, so he assembled Jagen, Arran, Gordin, Draug, and many newer knights to settle the crisis, leaving Altea in Cain's hands. In Grust, Marth met with the leader of Archanea's occupational army in the region, General Lang. Marth quickly grew to dislike of Lang's cruel nature, and developed suspicions about the Grust's rebellion when Lang revealed that its leader was General Lorenz, a former ally during the War of Shadows. Meeting with Lorenz, Marth learned that he launched the uprising due to the Archaean Empire's tyrannical treatment of the region, and to stop them from harming Grust's heirs, Prince Jubello and Princess Yuliya. Fatally wounded from a previous battle, Lorenz perishes in front of Marth, his last words warning of Hardin's corruption.

Lang took Yubello and Yumina into custody, despite Marth's protests, and demanded that the prince address a military coup in Mastodon. As the country's ruler, Princess Minerva, was another ally of Marth's, his army fought the rebellion with the help of Macedonian Whitewings Palla and Catria. While they were successful at subduing the coup, they could not find Minerva, as she was previously rescued by her brother Michalis. However, they learned from another Macedonian ally, Julian, that both his fiance Lena and Minerva's and Michalis' sister Maria had mysteriously vanished some time ago. He also encountered his old Archaean ally Linde, who delivered the Fire Emblem to him once again on Nyna's orders. Returning to General Lang, Marth was next instructed to retrieve the royal heirs, who were rescued by the mercenary Ogma and on the run. As Ogma was another ally of Marth's, he had enough of Lang and refused to follow any more orders from him. Lang considered Marth's defiance an act of war, but fled when Jagen challenged him. Marth's army searched for Ogma, Yubello, and Yumina, finding them surrounded by bandits. Marth's forces rescued and recruited the three, along with a mysterious masked knight calling himself Sirius. After successfully fending off the bandits, Marth was interrupted by the arrival of Caeda, who claimed that the Archanean Empire launched a surprise attack on Altea, and she only escaped thanks to Elice staying behind to fend them off.

Deciding to liberate the Grustian people, Marth's army attacked Lang's headquarters, Ostern Keep. After killing the General, Marth finds his old ally Bishop Wendell, who warns him that the world is in danger of falling into ruin without the Starsphere, which shattered during the creation of Starlight. Wendell suggests that they search for the Starsphere's shards at the Fane of Raman in Chiasmir, but the place was plundered by a band of marauders. Leaving the Fane of Raman and crossing over a nearby bridge, Marth's army was confronted by Emperor Hardin himself, who made plain his intention to punish all dissention. Dark magic surrounding Hardin renders him invincible, forcing Marth's army to escape via ship. Marth resolved to find magic that could counteract Hardin's shield in the School of Khadein, but the school was defended by the city's magic corp, led by Wendell's pupil Ellerean. Both Marth and Wendell saw Ellerean target another of Wendell's students, and Marth's friend, Merric. The two mages were once friendly rivals, but when Wendell chose Merric to wield the Excalibur tome over Ellerean, the mage fell into a jealous rage. However, Wendell told Ellerean that his behavior was no better than Gharnef's, and the angry pupil saw the error of his ways while Marth's forces secured the school. During this time, Princess Minerva arrived in Khadein to join Marth, having been sent there by Michalis to help defeat Hardin.

After Marth successfully gains access to the School of Khadein, Gotoh magic contacts him, explaining that both Hardin's protection and his fall from grace were caused by the powerful Darksphere. The White Sage held the Lightsphere, which was capable of countering the Darksphere's magic, in the Ice Dragon Temple, so Marth journeyed there through Anri's Way, a path his ancestor traveled a century ago. Guided by his old Manakete ally Xane, Marth fought degenerated dragons and collected Starsphere shards on route to the temple, all while Xane revealed the truth Archanea's dragons, why many chose to become Manaketes, and the relationship between the Fire Emblem and the magical spheres. Upon spotting Marth's army, Gotoh used their shards to reconstruct the Starsphere, and bequeathed it and the Starsphere to Marth. He also woke Marth's Manakete friend Tiki from a deep slumber she was placed in to prevent her degeneration, but claimed that when awoken, such a fate was inevitable unless Marth could restore the Fire Emblem's true power with every sphere.

Gotoh magically warped Marth's army back to Altea, and after Marth successfully ousted the Archanean occupiers from his homeland, he contacted him to reveal that Gharnef had returned. It was the Dark Ponitfex who abducted Maria, Lena, and Elice, and was likely planning to kidnap Nyna as well. Marth's army marched upon Archanea with the intent to defeat Hardin and prevent Nyna's capture, only to learn from the Emperor that he personally gave her away to Gharnef. After a gruelling campaign, Hardin finally fell, and in his last moments was freed from the Darksphere's influence. With his dying breath he regretted all he had done and begged Marth to save Nyna. Recovering the Darksphere, Marth restored the Fire Emblem to its original state: the Binding Shield. Gotoh magically warped to Marth and revealed that Gharnef brainwashed the four maidens before taking them to the Dragon's Table to assist in the resurrection of Medeus.

En route to The Dragon's Table, Marth encountered a heavily wounded Michalis, who tried and failed to rescue Maria from Gharnef, but succeeding in sealing the Starlight tome. Depending on if Minerva encouraged him to live, Michalis either died after giving Marth Starlight or recovered and begrudgingly joined Marth's army. Inside The Dragon's Table, Marth's army felled Gharnef with Starlight once again and recovered Falchion. The revived Medeus, now a powerful Shadow Dragon, awaited them in the next room with the four maidens, who he intended to sacrifice should he be slain by Falchion. However, Maria, Lena, Elice, and Nyna were released from their trances by their loved ones, allowing Marth to kill him for a second time, ending the War of Heroes. In it's aftermath, many of Archanea's countries were heavily decimated, and most of their rulers relinquished their sovereignty to Marth. Marth declared himself First King of the Archenean Alliance, with Ceada as his queen. Under his reign, Archanea's wounds began to heal, and entered a golden age of peace and prosperity.


Over millenia, Marth's rule passed into legend, and he is venerated as the Hero-King. The royals of the Halidom of Ylisse are his direct descendants, and two-thousand years post-unification, consist of the Exalts Emmeryn, Chrom, and Lissa. However, Ylissean culture portrays Marth as a more martial lord, downplaying his many acts of mercy. When she traveled back in time to prevent the resurrection of the Fell Dragon Grima, Chrom's daughter Lucina masked herself and adopted the name "Marth".

Chrom's army, the Shepherds, also encounter multiple Einherjar of Marth himself. Two Einherjar were available through SpotPass, one named Prince Marth and based on his appearance in the War of Shadows, while the other was named King Marth and based on his appearance in the War of Heroes. A second Prince Marth Einherjar appears in the first Champions of Yore DLC xenologue, where he is summoned by Old Hubba to help defend him from Einherjar summoned against him by an alternate Aversa. This Prince Marth joins the Shepherds after they help protect Old Hubba. However enemy Prince Marths summoned by this Aversa appear in the second and third Champions of Yore xenologues. In the first Lost Bloodlines DLC xenologue, a King Marth allies with the Shepards, believing he has summoned them to help combat Jugdral Einherjar. However King Marth opposes the shepards in the second Lost Bloodlines xenologue when Jugral is convinced they summoned the Shepards to combat the Archanean and Valentian Einherjar. Finally Prince Marth battles the Shepards in the third Lost Bloodlines xenologue when the Shepards have enough fight all three continent's Einherjar to seal them back into the cards they spawned from. A Prince Marth allies with the Shephards in the first Rogues and Redeemers DLC xenologue to combat a group of Einherjar villains but opposes them in the second and third Rogues and Redeemers xenologues when the villains are convinced they summoned the Shepards to fight the Einherjar heroes and when the Shepards try to seal both groups into their cards, respectively. 

Other Media

Fire Emblem Fates

Marth appears in My Castle if a player scans a Marth Super Smash Bros. amiibo when prompted. Corrin can talk to Marth and challenge his army of illusory soldiers to a battle. When defeated, Marth will join Corrin's army. Another version of Marth is available as part of a promotion with the Fire Emblem 0 trading card game, by scanning a download code inside the War of Shadows Chapter starter deck.

Fire Emblem Heroes

Six different variations of Marth are available to summon. Marth's normal variant, based on his design from Mystery of the Emblem and titled "Altean Prince", existed from the game's initial launch. A wedding variant of Marth titled "Altean Groom" was released on May 25, 2018. True to his title, Marth is dressed in a white wedding suit and cape with blue and gold accents. A Legendary variant of Marth, titled "Hero-King", was first made available to summon on August 28, 2018. This Marth wears ornate blue armor with a red and blue cape lined with white fur. He also proudly wields Falchion and the Binding Shield. A winter variant, released on December 16, 2019, pairs Marth with Elice as the "Royal Altean Duo". This Marth wears a red suit with white fur trim, and a white cape. His crown also has holly in it. To celebrate the Fire Emblem franchise's 30th anniversary, a child version of Marth titled "Legacied Hero" was made available to summon on April 20, 2020. The design of young Young Marth's cape and blue tunic is based on Marth's original design in Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, though he also wears dark blue pants. On November 9, 2020. A brave variant of Marth titled "Prince of Light" was first made available to summon on August 17, 2021, a Resplendent skin for Marth's normal variant was made available to players subscribed to the Feh Pass. This skin depicts Marth clad in Askran garb, wearing a white and blue tunic with gold embroidered designs and armored shoulder pads, as well as white pants and matching armored boots with Askran emblems. He also wears a white and red cape and feathers on his back.

Fire Emblem Warriors

During the siege on Gristonne's Fortified Citadel, Prince Rowan and Princess Lianna of Aytolis are attacked by monsters, but rescued in the nick of time by Marth, Caeda, Tiki, and Navarre. After helping the royal twins retreat from the area, the four join Aytolis' army, and Marth accompanies the twins to the World Tree, which contains the swords Enliron and Facinna at its peak. At the tree they find Gharnef, who has allied himself with Gristonne. The Dark Pontifex is eager to kill Marth, but Marth is not intimidated and defeats him.

After recovering the swords, they return to the Fortified Citadel and successfully retake it, which causes Marth's Gleamstone to appear. The final Gleamstone secures itself to the Shield of Flames, creating Aytolis' Binding Shield. However, the completed shield is quickly stolen by Darios. Eventually, Marth helps defeat the Chaos Dragon Velezark, which causes portals to other worlds to begin closing. To avoid being trapped in Aytolis, Marth and his friends quickly enter a portal and return to Archanea.

In addition to Marth's normal outfit, based off of his design in Shadow Dragon, Marth can wear a Bridegroom outfit via Downloadable content. True to its name, this costume consists of a white wedding suit with gold accents, as well as a red cape.

Dragalia Lost

Marth appeared in Fire Emblem Heroes: Lost Heroes, a crossover event between Dragalia Lost and Fire Emblem Heroes. The event involved Marth, Prince Alfonse, Princess Fjorm, and Princess Veronica arriving in Alberia thanks to the machinations of Loki. After meeting Alberia's youngest heir, Prince Euden, Alfonse, Marth and Fjorm temporarily declared a truce with Veronica while they searched for a way to return to the World of Xenith. During this event, Marth was available to summon.

Super Smash Bros.

Marth has been a playable character in the Super Smash Bros. series beginning with the second game, Super Smash Bros. Melee. He has since appeared in every game released afterword (Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate).

Codename STEAM

Marth is available as a bonus unit if the player scans his Super Smash Bros. amiibo when prompted.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

While Marth does not physically appear, his presence weighs heavily on the story. To successfully perform the Opera of Light and summon the Divine Dragon Naga, someone must be judged worthy to play the Hero-King. When Gharnef completes the Opera of Darkness and summons Mirage Medeus, the Shadow Dragon seemingly kills Itsuki Aoi. However, Itsuki barely survives through willpower. Determining him a worthy hero, Marth's spirit fully revives and temperorarily merges with Itsuki, allowing Fortuna to defeat Medeus.

Fire Emblem OVA

Marth is the protagonist of both episodes of the Fire Emblem OVA, which adapts the first three chapters and some backstory of Mystery of the Emblem. As the English dub of the OVA predated the Western release of Super Smash Bros. Melee or any other translation of Fire Emblem media, Marth's name was translated as Mars Lowell. Marth's role is much the same as in the relevant chapters of Mystery of the Emblem, but with an added focus on his trauma at losing his family and the fall of Altea (Translated as Aritia in the English dub).


Well, that's where we both belong. I don't see what my wants have to do with anything.
~ Marth telling Nyna that he and Caeda are returning to their separate homelands despite their mutual love for each other.
Nyna... Do you... I cannot make any promises. But I will do what I can. I hope you can accept that.
~ Marth warning Nyna that he may not successfully convince Camus to join the Archanean League
Nonetheless we must face them head-on; they stand between us and Altea.
~ Marth on Grust's artillary
Which? Humanity's hopes, or my shoulders? ...Have a little faith, Nyna. The enemy ballisticians can strike from afar, but they're powerless up close. All we need to do is move in and silence them before they do too much damage. Watch!
~ Marth assuaging Nyna's fears of the Grust ballistas
Today, there was this commoner... She mentioned Grust was divided about the war. Some of its people wanted to fight with Altea, she said...Ever since I lost my father and kingdom, I've held nothing but hate in my heart for Gra and Grust...but not once did I give any thought to what must have been going on in their heads.
~ Marth
No... the hate remains. I will never forget the pain they inflicted upon me, the rage I felt. Yet now, at least, I can tell you it's not just hate...Not anymore.
~ Marth answering Nyna's question on whether his hatred for enemy nations has lessened
...My sister was taken by Gharnef. She is no longer here... And my...my mother is... She is dead. Slain...by that Dolhrian dragon...
~ Marth returning to his castle
I thought there would be something...some part of my old life I would be coming back to. I fought so hard...
~ Marth responding to Nyna's sympathy
All right, that was great training. I can't let Kris protect me all the time. I must become stronger myself, too.
~ Marth receiving bonus experience points during the War of Heroes
Hardin, that's enough!
~ Marth fighting Emperor Hardin
I do not intend to fall here. Out of my way, Gharnef!
~ Marth battling Gharnef near the end of the War of Heroes
No matter how many times you return, mankind will never surrender! This long battle... I will end it here, once and for all!
~ Marth battling Medeus near the end of the War of Heroes
I live to fight again
~ One of Marth's victory quotes in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
The day is mine
~ One of Marth's victory quotes in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
I cannot afford to lose
~ One of Marth's victory quotes in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


  • Marth was originally considered for Super Smash Bros. 64 according to the creator, Masahiro Sakurai.
  • In Awakening, Marth's appearance uses Lucina's resources while masquerading as him, only the mask is removed.
  • A skin of Marth for Mario is available in Super Mario Maker if the player scans his Super Smash Bros. amiibo when prompted.

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Prince Euden | Zethia | Notte | Elisanne | Ranzal | Luca | Sarisse | Cleo | Mascula / Laxi | Alex | Mym | Midgardsormr | Mercury | Jupiter | Zodiark | Chthonius | Leif | Zena | Chelle | Leonidas

Southern Ilian Church
Zethia | Elisanne | Alex | Cibella | Hope | Ryozen | Ricardt | Hildegarde | Julietta | Curran | Tobias | Ariel

The Blacksmith Sisters (Ramona, Rena, Renee) | Arctos | Lazry | Gaibhne & Creidhne

Rage of Bahamut
Lily | Cerberus | Albert | Forte | Yurius | Azazel | Vania | Grimnir | Rose Queen

New Years
Botan | Ieyasu | Marishiten | Sazanka | Addis | Shishimai | Hanabusa | Mitsuhide | Daikokuten | Nobunaga | Chitose | Kuzunoha | Seimei | Gozu Tenno | Yoshitsune

Summer Festival
Yaten | Natalie | Eugene | Catherine | Styx | Sandy | Becky | Marvelous Naoto

Lovecraftian Heroes
Curran | Heinwald | Lathna

Journey to the West
Xuan Zang | Fa Ming | Wu Kong | Yulong | Jiang Ziya | Zhu Bajie | Sha Wujing | Tie Shan Gongzhu

Syndicate Heroes
Aldred | Andromeda | Bellina | Grace | Farren | Lil' Barb

Apostles and Archangels
Nevin | Ramiel | Pinon | Gabriel | Ryszarda | Raphael | Faris | Uriel | Regina | Sandalphon | Basileus | Michael

Reborn Dragons
Poseidon | Zephyr | Jeanne D'Arc | Agni | Nidhogg

Other characters
Alberius | Cecile | Cassandra | Ilia | Meene | Mordecai | Myriam | Nina | Patia | Audric | Nino | Zacharias | Finlorda | Harle

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Alfonse | Sharena | Fjorm | Marth | Chrom | Tiki | Peony | Mega Man | Pecorine | Joker | Mona | Panther | Sophie