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"It's better than new!", "Let's load up!", and "There's not much time. If you're gonna go, you'd better go now."
~ Maru's quotes in the film

Maru is the tritagonist in Planes: Fire & Rescue.


Maru is the mechanic tug at the Piston Peak Air Attack base. Friendly with a sarcastic sense of humor, he’s been around a long time and has the cluttered hangar to prove it. With no budget for new parts, Maru’s many shelves of old parts and machinery come in quite handy. The repurposing pro’s motto? “It’s better than new!”. Maru's skills exceed Dottie's who said she couldn't make Dusty a gearbox, Maru, on the other hand, succeeded at doing so.[1] Though he said it was the hardest job he had ever done.


Maru is gray and purple.