Marvelous is a character introduced in Neptunia Victory. She is a DLC character which must be downloaded to use.


She has a very bubbly and kind-hearted personality. This is due to a tragedy that happened when she was a rookie. Two of her allies perished during a mission but they told her to never stop smiling.


She has fair skin and large breasts that are on par with Vert. She has orange hair that reaches down to her neck and an ahoge which looks like the logo of the Marvelous AQL Company. She has red eyes with orange musical note for pupils. She wears a casual school uniform with only one button on her shirt buttoned and a red ribbon. The back of her shirt is open in the back as if tied like a corset. She also wears a pair of detatched cuffs with a ribbon on her right wrist. She wears a dark gray skirt, a gray sweater tied around her waist, and a pair of black and white knee high socks and black shoes. She also wears a belt which holds her two swords.


  • Marvelous represents Marvelous AQL, the company behind the games Ikki Tousen, Rune Factory, Luminious Arc and Senran Kagura.
  • Marvelous appearance is based off of the character designs of Senran Kagura, a game on the 3DS, about a group of busty female ninja training to fight other evil ninja.
  • Coincidentially, she seems to have many aspects that references the five main characters of the game. She has symbol-like eyes similar to Hibari, the open school shirt and short skirt of Katsuragi, the lining on the shirt and boots from Ikaruga's uniform, the red eyes and ribbon of Yagyuu and the dual katanas and the red scarf of Asuka as well as having the same Japanese voice actress, Hitomi Harada.
  • Most, if not all, of her special attacks are based on special moves from the Senran Kagura.
  • A DLC item you can buy for Marvy is Mirai's outfit
  • And as a cherry on the top, her favourite food is futomaki (sushi rolls), food that is pretty much always eaten by the main girls of Senran Kagura.
  • Her curl is supposed the represent the logo of Marvelous AQL.
  • One of Marvelous's outfits, the Shinobikini, is a combination of the words Shinobi and Bikini.
  • Three of Marvelous's outfits are color swaps based on those of Asuka, Hibari and Homura from the Senran Kagura series.
  • Kira Buckland, the English voice of Marvelous AQL, has worked on another series by the same companies called Mugen Souls as the Main Character Chou-Chou.
  • The description of Marvelous' default armor, Protective Scroll, is three lines long making it go off border of the description box.


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