Marvin is the main protagonist of PBS and Nelvana animated series of Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse. He is a dancing horse who performs in Fast-Talking Jack's Carnival. He used to be in movies and on Broadway; his first big break was in the musical movie 43rd Street (a takeoff of 42nd Street), although he's not proud of his performance in it as a young pony. In the series, he is Edward Larue III's (aka Eddy Largo) best friend.

He loves to sing and dance. He is a great tap dancer.

He has many friends around him. They treat and respect him well, just as he respects them back.

Marvin loves to dance. He is a great performer and singer.

Marvin was not proud of his performance on 43rd Street. But his friends tell him to recall and respect his humble beginnings.


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