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Marvin Marsh is Stan Marsh's grandfather and Randy Marsh's father and he only wished that he was killed off for good, but he's too important to be killed off. He was voiced by Trey Parker the co-creator of South Park who voiced dozens of characters of the show including Eric Cartman.


Despite generally being seen living with his family, Marvin has seldom spoken in episodes in which he is not a prominent character, usually remaining quiet. His presence with the family was maintained, however, with mentions of his extra wheelchair in "Bloody Mary" and of him being in the bathtub in "Pandemic". He also still appeared at family dinners into Season Twelve, after which he disappeared from the home. In "Cash For Gold", we see he has been moved into Looming Sunset Assisted Living retirement center, explaining his recent absences.

Though he is a member of the Marsh family, who have seen increasing use in recent seasons, he has virtually disappeared from the show in recent years, appearing briefly in "Fantastic Easter Special" in Season Eleven, before finally having a major role in "Cash For Gold".


In the episode "Grey Dawn", Marvin Marsh revealed that he worked 55 years in a steel mill. In World War II, he flew a Spitfire over Nazi Germany, a reference to one of the four groups of United States Army Air Forces stationed in the United Kingdom and the Mediterranean equipped with the Supermarine Spitfire, a British single-seat fighter.

Suicide attempts

In his first appearance, "Death", Marvin Marsh desperately wants to die simply because he is bored with life. After his own failed attempt at suicide, he turns to Stan to do the job for him. Stan approaches various people for advice on the matter but all are unwilling to answer. When Grampa Marsh eventually does convince Stan to kill him, Death's sudden appearance foils the plan because he was actually looking for Kenny, not Marvin. Death points into the light where Grampa Marsh's own grandfather, who refers to Marvin as "Billy", whom Marvin had killed when he was a boy, convinces him to wait for death by natural causes. 

For several following episodes such as "Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut", Grampa Marsh carries a noose or on one occasion, encouraged a soldier to shoot him, but the gag ended in Season Four after "Quintuplets 2000" and he has made no suicide attempts since.

In "Cash For Gold", Marvin no longer has a suicidal attitude but rather is reminiscing about the past, such as his border collie dog, named Patches.



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