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Bond: Now, Goodnight, would I do that to you? [Speaking of cheating on her.]
Goodnight: Yes, James, you bloody well would!
~ Goodnight to Bond

Mary Goodnight is the deuteragonist of 007 movie The Man with the Golden Gun.

She is a Secret Service staffer and a fictional inexperienced field operative, who is inactivated to aid James Bond to follow Andrea Anders at Honk Hong for defeating Francisco Scaramanga. She also has as-yet unfulfilled desires.

She was played by Britt Ekland.


Goodnight is a very brave woman she is also a great lover of bad guys, she is not very experienced and therefore she is often unsure of herself, a bit clumsy and touchy being annoyed by Bond.

She is also naive, inexperienced and lacking in general knowledge, as she does not know how a solar power plant works.

She seems like she also likes to joke about missions and is very sarcastic when she is angry.

However, her awkwardness often makes her endearing and funny. She is also tough, as she can resist even Scaramanga's attempts to betray the MI6. She is also exuberant and vengeful as she blames Bond for "abandoning her" on Scaramanga Island.


Goodnight has to work with Bond, then shows him where Miss Anders is, so he hopes to spend the evening with Bond, but he has to meet with Hai Fat. She manages to avoid Bond's advances, realizing that he only feels pity for her.

This little game doesn't last long, but the two still see each other in the bedroom. Bond then hides her abruptly awkwardly and quickly in the closet when Miss Anders arrives. Goodnight falls asleep in the closet while Bond and Anders have sex, After Anders leaves, Bond wakes Goodnight and tells her "Your turn will come, I promise.", Goodnight however is so offended by it and becomes cold towards Bond, especially in the presence of Scaramanga.

At the meeting point Miss Anders, Goodnight takes control of the Solex, but when she is about to expose the homer on the AMC, she is kidnapped put in the trunk of a car by Francisco Scaramanga, she is forced to be his mistress and always wear a bikini for not possess any weapon with you and to get around Q. In the place where she is, an island, she is offered all the most despicable luxuries: she sunbathes, swims and dines with Scaramanga, but despite this her will is not shattered so easily and she keeps waiting to be saved.

One morning, to her surprise and delight, Bond arrives to save her, so when she is ordered to have lunch with Scaramanga, he blames him for the imprisonment he put her through and so then Scaramanga challenges Bond to a duel.

While Bond and Scaramanga fight, Goodnight is being watched by Scaramanga's henchman, Kra, much to her discomfort, as Kra watches her half naked body and he does some moved on her. When Goodnight senses an opportune time to escape and drops Kra into a pool of liquid helium.

After Scarmanga is defeated, Bond and Goodnight reunite, Bond recovers the Solex, and after dealing with Nick Nack, Goodnight finally manages to finish what he had. started with Bond in Scaramanga's personal Chinese Dhow.


  • Mary Goodnight is the Bond girl to spend the longest amount of screen time in a bikini.
  • Mary Goodnight is also one of the only Bond girls to reject Bond's advances (even if its only brief). The fact this was the first woman to do so was cleverly helped by having the extras in the scene conveniently applaud at the line for something in the background.


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