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Mary Kee is a young woman who just got divorced from a man who mistreated her and caused her traumas to some extent. However, her abusive husband is not the only reason why Mary is so disturbed.  There were events in her past life that led her to develop psychosis. When she was a little girl in the 70’s she came across with a middle-age woman from her neighborhood called Rose. Maybe Rose befriended Mary and her mother, but what Mary didn’t know back then is that Rose was a sociopath who has just killed her cheating boyfriend, a Vietnam veteran, as well as other people from the neighborhood, including the gardener from the apartment building  where she lives in, and John Guidi, a young boy, friends with Mary. After killing these three people, Rose decides Mary is going to be her next victim, so she kidnaps her and takes her back to apartment

. Once Mary is there, Rose begins her sociopath acts by boiling up oil and throwing it to young Mary. One side of Mary’s body is burned, but she is still alive. Mary tries to escape from Rose and locks herself in a room. She breaks a mirror, and once Rose manages to break in, Mary grabs the biggest piece of mirror and stabs Rose to death. 

These disturbing events led Mary to develop a trauma which marked her while she was growing up, but somehow she managed to block out these memories, so now she was able to move on in her life (for example she was able to fall in love with Steven, her husband, and then marry him). But after experiencing new traumatic events during her marriage (her husband abused her physically and mentally) she started to recover those memories of her past in a complex, interesting way.

After ending her marriage, Mary moves to another apartment. What she hasn’t realized yet is that this apartment is where Rose lived once, and where all the incidents of Mary’s childhood took place in the 70’s. Little by little the apartment starts to uncover the memories to Mary, and these memories are expressed in the form of “calls.” Mary thinks she is receiving calls from a stranger, and she even thinks that she maintains several conversations with this stranger. But in reality, Mary never receives any of these calls; all of this is part of her psychosis.

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