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Doctor Mary Kirkish was a minor hero in the Babylon 5 episode Messages from Earth.

She was portrayed by Nancy Stafford.

Trained as an archeologist Following the Earth-Minbari war, in 2248 she joined Interplanetary Expeditions, and helped search for ancient alien artifacts. In 2253 she was brought in to supervise a dig on Mars. Over a period of several weeks Kirkish and her team dug out an ancient starship that had been buried under the surface of Mars for over 1,000 years. After telling Earth what they had found Kirkish and her team were pulled back while the Psi-Corps and the faction of Earth Alliance allied with the Shadows.

After the Shadows retrieved the buried ship Kirkish and her team were broken up and sent to different worlds, and warned to keep quiet or face "unfortunate consequences." By 2261 all the team members except Kirkish were either missing or dead. In early 2261 Kirkish was called in to a new dig on Ganymede - the Shadows had buried another vessel on the Jovian moon after the last war and Morgan Clark saw a chance to obtain his own Shadow technology for use against aliens and perhaps the people of Earth as well.

Realizing the amount of death and destruction that ship would cause if Clark got his hands on it Kirkish went on the run. B5 security chief Michael Garibaldi heard she was on the run through the Anla'Shok, and asked Marcus Cole to get her to B5 safely.

Upon arrival she and Marcus were attacked by bounty hunters. Marcus was able to subdue the bounty hunters but Kirkish was seriously injured, and had to recover under armed guard in medlab.

As soon as Kirkish was able, she informed John Sheridan, Marcus, Delenn, Lennier, and Dr. Stephen Franklin about the Shadow vessel buried on Ganymede. After telling the war council what she knew, Kirkish was resigned to the fact that one of Clark's people would have her killed. Delenn assured Kirkish that would not happen, and told Kirkish she had made arrangements for Kirkish to receive asylum in Minbari space. Delenn then tasked Lennier with making sure Kirkish was safely transported to Minbari space.

Using the information Kirkish provided, Sheridan was able to destroy the Shadow vessel before Clark could get his hands on it.

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