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Heroine Overview
Mary Test

Mary Test is a 13-year old super genius who was also the older sister of Johnny and also the daughter of Hugh and Lila. 

She was voiced by Brittney Wilson also voices Sandy and currently, Ashleigh Ball also voices Blythe Baxter, Applejack and Rainbow Dash.


Mary has been shown to be more empathetic and sympathetic than her sister. Like her sister, Mary harbors a deep love bordering on obsession for the Test's next-door neighbor Gil Nexdor. Like her sister, she attends school at the Mega Institute of Technology. Mary is prone to believing in the less scientific and more science-fictional, which, although it receives scorn from her twin, often proves to be right in the end. Mary seems to be more level-headed than her twin Susan, and Mary tends to be more conservative, as she speaks her mind much less than Susan. Though Mary wears pants, she seem to be more "Girly" than her twin Susan. This is revealed when she decides to make a normal dress in the episode Princess Johnny. Mary is the older of the two.


Mary has a yellow shirt with a light blue moon on it, long curly red hair, greenish blue eyes, crescent glasses and a moon-shaped barrette. She often wears baggy blue jeans and sneakers with a light gray lab coat. She sometimes wears a bright pink bikini and her disco outfit was a bright purple tank top with pink shorts and bright gray shoes.

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