Maryelle (real name: Marie Sakamoto) is a supporting protagonist in the light novel and anime series Log Horizon. She is a veteran player of Elder Tales, the Guild Master of the Crescent Moon Alliance and an old friend of Shiroe. Her class is an Elf Cleric-Woodcrafter and she is level 90. She is also the implied love interest of Naotsugu.

She is voiced by Yumi Hara in the Japanese version of the anime and Maggie Flecknoe in the English version.


Maryelle is well-known in Akiba for not only her sunny personality but also for her looks. A tall, slender, and voluptuous Forest Elf, she has long, wavy hair (green in the novels, blonde in the anime), hazel-colored eyes, and a wide mouth used to smiling.  Like all Elves, she sports pointy ears, although hers tend to be hidden under her hair.

Her usual outfit is a green, collared tunic with brown and yellow stripes, with another black shirt underneath that still reveals some cleavage (removed in the anime because of kindergartners and all). She wears blue pants and boots. During wintertime, she wears a blue dress with a short shirt, pants, and a white jacket.

During battle, she changes into a different outfit that includes a white tunic with a leather breastplate and tall boots.


Maryelle is an eccentric, energetic, and affectionate person with a playful Kansai accent.  This bright personality manifests itself in her choice of clothes and the way she greets people—which involves jumping on them and squeezing tightly. She can also be overly-curious, meddlesome, and prone to quickly jumping to wrong conclusions; for example, when seeing Akatsuki, she immediately assumes her to be Shiroe's girlfriend, and when meeting Naotsugu, she believes that he is buff when in reality, he just wears big armor.

Despite these child-like tendencies, she is an experienced player, is well-versed in the game, and is popular among other players.  Female guild leaders are actually quite rare in Elder Tale, so her position as one is a mark of status. She dislikes those who hold little concern for others, explicitly mentioning Isaac when talking about the Black Sword Knights' usage of EXP Pots, calling him "elitist" for his refusal to accept anyone below level 85 into his guild.

She also shows great concern for her guild members and the other people she keeps under her wing. Unlike some female players who tend to band together, she is open, caring, and helpful toward both her male and female friends. At the age of 28 years, she is five years older than Shiroe, and despite her youthful behavior, both he and other players sometimes call her (マリ姐 Mari-nee), which is essentially "elder sister Mari."

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