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Masao Inaba is a character from the Persona.


Boy with Earring classmate. Commonly known as "mark". While it is personality that of the stomach is dependable strong sense of justice, often feeling comes out in the table. From somewhat impulsive nature with impatience, it is often at odds with the theory first of Kei Nanjo. For Reiji Kido, favorable to the whether the proportion feel something similar with yourself. Maki Sonomura to have embraced the pale love, it seems to come in frequently her sympathy. Good at graffiti and hip-hop dance, she has led a team called "Taylors". Home cleaning shop. Uttoshi wants the other hand an overprotective mother, the roots are also show practice swing, such as to care after accident at his mother thought. To be able to fight together as a party member only hen Sobek. It should be noted that, although the other members in the overseas edition does not change too much appearance also the color of the hair is changed, mark only black, and further changed from knit cap to the cap. "2" in it does not appear, it is unclear then. Initial persona "CHARIOT Ogun". Use weapons ax and a shotgun.

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