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Mascula is a character from Dragalia Lost. A brother of Laxi and a good friend of Luca.

He is voiced by Cole Howard in English and Yuto Suzuki in Japanese.


He is an android with white hair and pale skin, he wears a black shirt gloves and boots, a black and purple hat, and white pants.


In the past, he, Laxi, and other androids were created to fight for the Dyrenell Empire. However, their creator was averse to their iron fisted rule.

Several centuries later when the androids were reactivated, Mascula demonstrated a pacifistic nature.

However when Laxi’s heart was malfunctioning, he acknowledged that this world was no place for him and he ended up giving up his heart to destabilize Laxi. He later has control over Laxi’s speech functions whenever he needs to talk. While talking though Laxi's voicebox, his dialogue will have  "▷" & "◁" symbols to show that he is speaking.


Mascula is a pacifist android who wishes to avoid wars and battles. He shown to be afraid of fights and he cares for Luca a lot and shows concern for others.

Mascula enters the fray with a new body, piloted remotely from his heart within Laxi. Though pained by conflict to the point that it makes him weep—inasmuch as an android can—he resolves to fight for a better future.



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