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Mason Hewitt is a supporting character in the MTV show Teen Wolf. He is the best friend of werewolf Liam Dunbar and an ally of the Scott McCall Pack. He is later the boyfriend of Corey Bryant and he was also temporarily the host of the Beast of Gevaudan.

He was portrayed by Khylin Rambo.


Mason appears from season 4 as a new student at Beacon Hills High School. He is friends with Hunters Violet and Garrett although he is unaware of their criminal activity. He notices a change in Liam's behavior after the latter is bitten by Scott, making him a werewolf. In high school, he helps Lydia fight one of Kate Argent's Berserkers until they are rescued by Sheriff Stilinski.

It is in season 5 that Mason will learn the truth about Liam and he is very happy and helping instead of being scared. Liam therefore tells him about Scott and his pack and integrates Mason into it, although his ignorance annoys the others who wanted Liam to tell him everything about them. On the other hand, Mason helps investigate the Dread Doctors who create Chimera and sympathizes with Corey. Later, it turns out that Mason is the Beast of Gevaudan and more precisely his host. He is freed from the power of the Beast thanks to Lydia who uses her powers of Banshee by screaming the name of Mason.

In season 6, Mason and his friends meet the strange professor Garrett Douglas and is visibly jealous that Corey is attracted to him. Like the others, he suffers the effects of the Wild Hunt and especially forgets Stiles because when he sees him, he asks him if he is studying at BHHS. Along with Corey, he remembers that someone was erased from existence by the Ghost Riders and together they investigate these creatures. He is also one of the people targeted by the Ghost Riders because he saw them. Mason therefore finds himself in a ghost station with Hayden and helps free Corey. In the second part of the season, Mason is haunted by the presence of the Anuk-Ite. He somehow supports Liam who must hide his supernatural powers after the influence of it on Beacon Hills. He watches helplessly as Liam gets lynched by the students guided by Nolan and Gabe until Coach Finstock stops them. At the end of the season, he helps fight the Werewolf Hunters in the hospital along with Corey, Theo, Nolan and Melissa McCall.


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