Wrapped up in mystery and bandages, it's 'the grim creeper'! With an uncharacteristically buff body for a mummy, this heavyweight shrugs off punches like nothing. All we know about this guy is that one day he woke up at the Mausoleum and now he's entering the Grand Prix! There's a story there...
~ Official Description


Master Mummy is a playable character in the brand new Nintendo IP ARMS. As his name implies, he is a mummy that is a skilled ARMS fighter. His backstory, like many ARMS fighters, is a big mystery. That said, he is one of the only fighters with a slightly more developed story. He was once a living man who died of mysterious reasons, and he has been revived, possibly by some odd magic that runs through his stage, The Mausoleum. Now, he participates in the tournament so that he can become famous and find his family, consisting of his wife and their child, both of which can be seen in his ending. The fact his family still lives is an implication that he died while relatively young, so it was either an accident of sorts or he had been killed.

His personality isn't very complicated. He mostly communicates through grunts, growls and he very rarely speaks. He almost only says "Mummy", though it is a common trope for zombie-esque creatures to say little. While he seems aggressive, he has been pictured very calmly in some artwork, such as casually helping Lola Pop with a stunt or buying more bandages. In his ending art, he is clearly very happy to have found his family and seems to be happy to join the TV show Biff is hosting.


Other than Mechanica, Master Mummy is the only full-on heavyweight fighter in the game. He is, as to be expected, a big target that's easy to hit, but is also good at taking hits and hitting back. He is the slowest character in the game and has nothing boosting his speed like Mechanica's thrusters or Max Brass' fully charged form. His jumping is also quite slow and clumsy, so that combined with his large hitbox makes him arguably the easiest target and a character with a high learning curve. However, he has many positives about him. Like Mechanica and a fully charged Max Brass, uncharged and even some charged punches will not make him flinch. This makes using a rush a lot easier and helps with keeping up his offense as well. He can also slowly regenerate health if he blocks without getting hit for a few seconds, which is also helpful. His ARMS are very girthy and easy to hit people with, and his throw is the strongest in the whole game, dealing 200 damage. If you want to have an easier time with faster characters, equip the Tribolt and Cracker/Popper ARMS for quicker and fairly large hits. His "signature" Megaton ARMS are useful for slower characters.

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