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Master Nyada (Japanese: マスターニャーダ Master Nyāda) is a Charming-tribe, Wind attribute, S rank Yo-kai.


Master Nyada is an older, bronze-colored Cat Yokai with drooping eyes and a few little mustache hairs below his nose. His inner ear coloring is light indigo, while his tail flames purple. His muzzle and paw tips are white, and he has dark, dull brown splotches on his body. He wears a dull green robe and has a wood staff-cane. Nyada is almost a copy of Yoda.


Master Nyada worships the hose instead of the force. He is very wise and cunning. He is also a skilled battle veteran, but he tires easily after a fight.



  • Master Nyada is obviously based on Yoda from Star Wars, and has multiple similarities.
  • They are both old.
  • Master Nyada's quote is based on the Star Wars quote, "May the force be with you," as he says, "May the hose be with you."


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