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I'm a busy man. There's a new exercise video at home that is in desperate need of my attention.
~ Master Roshi
Work hard, study well and eat and sleep plenty. That's the Turtle Hermit way to learn.

Master Roshi is a major character from the Dragon Ball franchise, as well as Goku's first master. Roshi was the inventor of the famed Kamehameha technique and taught it to Goku, Krillin, and Yamcha. who would pass his technique on as one of the series' most recognized moves. He's a hermit and a pervert.

In the Japanese version, he was voiced by the late Hiroshi Masuoka.


As the original holder of the one star dragonball, Roshi would be encountered by Goku on his quest to collect the dragonballs. In his travels, Goku comes across Master Roshi, the Turtle Hermit living at his isolated Kame House. Dragonball aside, Goku, ever the eager fighter, seeks Roshi's insights into becoming the best he can be. Goku and Kuririn seek Master Roshi's aid in teaching them to be master fighters. Eventually Roshi teaches Goku and Kuririn the kameha in their quest to gain the dragonballs. Roshi, impressed by his pupil's spirits would decide to not only offer them training and his dragonball but sent them to see his sister Babba, who possessed another dragonball and insight into their origins. Roshi is not just intent on seeing his pupils obtain the dragonballs but has plans for them to do him proud in the World Martial Arts Tournament.

The later arc of the series first World Martial Arts Tournament will see Goku and Kuririn fighting on behalf of their master to prove themselves to the world. In the match the two encounter a legendary fighter and long thought retired grand champion, "Jakie Chun", who is intent on winning himself and proving them nothing but upstarts. Jackie Chun is in-fact Roshi, an old alias of his for public appearances. While Roshi appears at first to be trying to reclaim his the glory of his youth he was in-fact trying to set an high standard for his pupils to give their all against in a real fight and was certain he was the only one who could do it, he assumed the alias not just for the recognition the name and look gave him but also so Goku and Kuririn would fight him without holding back or think they would be shown mercy.

Dragonball Z

In Drgaonball's follow up series, Dragonball Z, Roshi, like most of the cast from Dragonball, is demoted to background character and rarely does anything but comment on situations as they unfold. In Roshi's case the shift in importance is actually quite justified as he has formally retired as both a fighter and teacher. Roshi spends his autumn years on his remote island at Kame House, watching T.V., drinking beer and enjoying the sunshine. Roshi is still more than willing to provide lodging for his friends and Kame House is often used as meeting point for the Z warriors as most of them know the way there and it is not actually marked on any maps and miles from any civilized city assuring the Z warriors can train and or rest without endangering civilians or attracting unwanted attention.


Doesn't he realize that they're the only ones who are on that beach.
~ Master Roshi to Turtle after Goku says over here
Kids I want to thank you for helping my turtle.
~ Master Roshi meeting Goku and Bulma for the first time and thanking them
Your a very brave boy I have a gift I want to give you as a token of my gratitude.
~ Master Roshi thanking Goku for saving Turtle
You don't eat it you little baboon.
~ Master Roshi after Goku sees flying Nimbus for the first time
Sure but I have to warn you, you most be pure of heart to ride this cloud. Yep otherwise it won't let you on it, it's picky that way.
~ Master Roshi talking about the Flying Nimbus
Let me show you how it's done. Be quiet.
~ Master Roshi after Turtle points out he is no longer pure of heart to ride the Flying Nimbus
Anything to get you off my island you blue faced dwarf. Enjoy the bottom of the sea those three deserve the hole I put in the side. To bad it was a nice plane.
~ Master Roshi after Emperor Pilf ask him to get his boat a push
Why you rotten little traitor.
~ Master Roshi after Turtle reveales that he has drank from the Fountain of Youth
Goku... Krillin... You're the ones who showed this old fossil he still had something left to give. That it was too soon to let the limits of age sentenced him to sit idly by on the sidelines. You boys who were never content to stop, who kept aiming for and climbing greater and greater heights want me to take it easy? Now listen to me boys! Always remember these words: Work hard! Study well! And eat and sleep plenty. That is the Turtle Hermit way! We must master the art of peace in addition to the art of war! The Turtle Hermit School will be with you...always! This will be my greatest, most powerful Kamehameha!
~ Master Roshi towards Goku and Krillin in "A Valiant Fight! Master Roshi's Blaze of Glory!
Let her go it's me you want isn't it?
~ Master Roshi telling Dr. Wheeler to release Bulma



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