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Dancing is forbidden!
~ Master Shake to Meatwad.

Master Shake is the protagonist Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Unlike his older brother Frylock who is an uptight super intelligent box of french fries and his younger brother Meatwad who is known to be a dimwitted yet lovable ball of meat, Shake is a rude, selfish, idiotic and lazy (In earlier episodes, he believed he was the leader) milkshake. Although he can do good things along with the other two.

He was voiced by Dana Snyder in most of his appearances, Dave Willis in "Baffler Meal" who also voiced Carl Brutananadilewski and Meatwad in the same show and portrayed by H. Jon Benjamin in "Last Last One Forever And Ever", who also voiced Bob Belcher and Sterling Archer. His muscles were voiced by John DiMaggio, who is best known for voicing Bender Bending Rodriguez in Futurama, in the episode "Muscles".

Despite being one of the main protagonists of the series, he's also done some villainous acts.


As his name implies, Shake is a giant white drinking cup with a pink bendy straw protruding from his head. His lack of arms is shown to make picking up objects somewhat difficult. While Shake doesn't have legs, he refers to his base as his "one thick ankle" in "Kangarilla and the Magic Tarantula." Just like Meatwad and Frylock, Shake occasionally wears clothing, but does not typically wear them.



  • As the middle child of the Aqua Teens, Master Shake is 12-years-old.

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