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Matilda, the White Bird is one of the original five birds in the original flock from the Angry Birds 2009 series.


Matilda is a white chicken that has an egg shaped body, egg shaped beak and three strands of black hair. She also has yellowish blushes and a light pinkish chest.

From Angry Birds Toons, her chests, tail and hair now have pink streaks and edges which now occurred up to Angry Birds 2.


Albeit being a large-sized bird outside, Matilda is actually weak in strength. Her main ability is shown to drop an egg that explodes resulting in Matilda's corpse looking deflated and weakened.


Matilda makes her debut in Angry Birds Level 2 being Poached Eggs during the fourteenth level. She eventually has also assisted her flock in visiting Rio helping Blu and his friends. She is also the only member of the original flock not to go out to outer space during Angry Birds Space.



She and Bomb are somewhat shown to have a romantic relationship as she has been kissed by Bomb in Angry Birds Toons episode "Clash of Corns", but Matilda usually thinks about Bomb 4% of the time. She was also his anger management teacher in the movies. He also protected Matilda's garden in the comic strip "The Garden" in Angry Birds Flight School Comic while she went on a wildflower hunt. Matilda did eventually kiss Bomb back seeing him as a sensitive caring bird possibly indicating she likes Bomb back.

Minion Pigs

The pigs like Matilda for her caring personality. In the Toons episode Robo-Tilda, she cares for the damaged minion pig. For the most part, she doesn't want to hurt the pigs sometimes, but rather just wants peace between them and the Flock.


  • She and Bubbles are the only birds to have two different corpses.
  • She is the largest female of the flock with the largest male being Terence.
  • White Birds are also the only birds to have projectiles.
  • Birds and corpses are impervious to eggs. If the player drops an egg on a corpse or a bird waiting their turn on the slingshot, the egg will bounce off.
  • She is also the oldest of the flock, despite being smaller than Terence, but younger than Mighty Eagle.
  • Originally, the White Bird had a nervous expression. However, she was redesigned in later versions to appear angrier. She still keeps this original appearance in mobile versions of the original game and Seasons.
  • She, Hal and Bubbles along with some pigs are the only Plush Toys with openable beaks.
  • In the Summer Pignic Animated Short when the White Bird is on the slingshot, the Boomerang Bird accidentally trips and knocks over the slingshot causing her to fling in a different direction. But strangely when she reaches the ground, instead of releasing her explosive egg like she does in every other game she stars in, she explodes right on the spot thus, leaving a small but noticeable crater.
  • In the Mighty Eagle poster, the White Bird is a chicken. However in her case, she drops explosive eggs rather than laying natural eggs.
  • Out of the five original members of the Flock, White Bird is featured the least often, possible due to her nature as the last of them to be featured. Later episodes would make the White Bird very common, on par with Chuck.
  • Originally, one of her cheeks became purple when she became a corpse (to look like a black eye). However, it was redesigned to look normal yellow.
  • She, Stella and Hal are the only birds that don't have a role in Angry Birds Space.
  • She shares Hal's launch noises in Angry Birds Facebook.
  • She portrays C-3PO (who had to be genderswapped so she could fit the role) in Angry Birds Star Wars. Here, she attacks by splitting up. She is referred to as the C-3P-Yolk (pun on the Egg Yolk and C-3PO's name. She also plays Qui-Gon Jinn in the prequel Angry Birds Star Wars II who is also somewhat mixed with Mighty Eagle.
    • C-3PO and Qui-Gon Jinn are the only characters within the Angry Birds Star Wars franchise to be genderswapped as a result.



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