Yukiden - Matsu

Matsu Maeda is a heroine in the Sengoku BASARA series. She is the wife of Toshiie Maeda and a aunt of Keiji Maeda.


Matsu is a housewife who is often helped Toshiie and doing her own best for Maeda family. She was said to be very intelligent that was always respected her family, thus she is being able to cooking. When Keiji is very like to be clumsy with them and she should be let him stopped.

Although Matsu has would be proposed to let them made more decisions, she is more responsible than Toshiie and that so just fell in love with him whole-heartedly. Matsu also gaves the Maeda family status of herself in power, but she relationship with Keiji is very unequal. The strength of the cuisine is first-class. From the beginning of Toshiie's story, The most soldiers of Maeda clan were enjoyed the best meal and eating foods after the battle. In addition, she is take own advantage to get what their wanted.

However, she will use scythes and cooking techniques to support Toshiie that has been forced to make painful choices. Although Keiji independent himself to joined Uesugi and made her feel happy, where was she has still worried.


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