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"Since when were the Japanese allowed to have such big guns?"

Mail Jeevas, better known as Matt, is a major antagonist in the second half of Death Note. He's an accomplice with the Kira case, acting as Mello's backup. Matt likes video games and dislikes going outside. In the anime, he is rarely seen. He is only seen again during Takada's kidnapping, where he distracts her bodyguards with a smoke grenade launcher, allowing Mello to kidnap her. When he was cornered, he tried to put up another smokescreen. Matt calmly surrenders but was shot multiple times to death.

He is voiced by Tomohiro Nishimura in the Japanese version, and by Drew Nelson in the English version.


Matt has brown hair and green eyes that are hidden behind white goggles with orange lens. He is seen wearing a red and black striped long-sleeved top, and blue pants. His hands are covered with black gloves that reach just below the elbow, and he wears black boots. He also wears a cream colored sleeveless vest with fur trim.

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