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Tell me, how do you keep do you keep it going?
~ Sikes, asking Albert how he keeps his stamina servicing 700 women a year.

Matthew Sikes was a protagonist from the Alien Nation TV series, TV movies, and other media based on the TV series. He is portrayed by Gary Graham, who also played Soval, the Vulcan ambassador to Earth on Star Trek: Enterprise as well as Soval's mirror universe counterpart.

By 1991 when the Newcomer slave ship Gruza crashed on Earth, Sikes was a member of the LAPD. By then he had been divorced for some time and had a daughter from that marriage.

Several years after the arrival of the Newcomers Sikes was partnered with the Tenctonese male George Francisco. At the time Sikes was reluctant to be partnered with Francisco after the death of his former partner in a gun battle with another Newcomer. Over time the two men became very close friends, to the point that Sikes was almost considered part of George's family. George for his part was very patient with Sikes and his misunderstandings of Newcomer culture and biology. When George's daughter Vessna was born, he named Sikes as the child's godfather.

Sikes also fell in love with his Newcomer neighbor Kathy. The two would eventually move in together.

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