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Mattie Ross

You have misjudged me if you think I'm silly enough to give you fifty dollars and watch you simply ride off.
~ Mattie Ross when she employs Rooster Cogburn to help her find Tom Chaney

Mattie Ross is the heroine of the classic Western film True Grit and the 2010 remake.


Mattie Ross is a fourteen-year-old girl whose goal in the story is to avenge the death of her father, a rancher, who has been murdered by a criminal, Tom Chaney. Determined to pursue her goal, Mattie enlists the help of an argumentative and cantankerous gunman, Rooster Cogburn, to pursue the fiend. The two of them join forces with a reluctant Texas ranger, LaBoeuf. Mattie faces Chaney and his wicked boss, Lucky Ned Pepper. She completes her journey, defeating Tom.


  • Mattie Ross is portrayed by Kim Darby in the original film and Hailee Steinfeld (who was nominated an Oscar) in the remake.