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Maurecia is one of the main characters from Wayside alongside Dana, Todd and Myron. She is a student from Mrs. Jewls' class on the 30th floor of Wayside School. Between the books and cartoon, her personality was wildly changed. In the books, she was a sweet and sensitive girl who enjoyed to eat ice cream. However, in the cartoon, she was a tomboy who was in love with Todd, but punched him in an attempt to hide her affection.


In the cartoon, Maurecia is a girl who has waist-length hair that is tied in a ponytail and wears a pink helmet with blue flames that covers her hair, which is hot pink in the pilot, but blue in the rest of the series. She wears a long-sleeved reddish-violet shirt, and a blue skirt, as well as pink roller skates she wears for transportation.


In the cartoon, Maurecia's personality was massively changed, resembling Joy's personality a fair bit more than her book counterpart's personality, likely to make up for Joy's absence. In the cartoon, Maurecia is seen as a tomboyish student who has a crush on Todd, but tries to hide it by punching him. She is a huge fan of taking things to the extreme, and in "Extra-curricular Ridicular" tries to make a "Speed Extreme Club", where she performs normal activities at a fast speed.

She is good friends with Jenny, and together they form the group Wheels Extreme, which is seen in "Channel Kidswatter". In "Slow Mo Mo", it is revealed that often, Maurecia tries to use her fast speed to reach many activities first, even ones she doesn't need to participate in, such as using the boy's bathroom. By the end up the episode, though, she realizes that often moving fast doesn't matter if in the end, you are just going to be alone, where she decides that she would use her speed to help her get her friends to other activities faster.


  • In the pilot episode and books (according to an audio recording by Louis Sachar), her name is pronounced "mau-REE-shuh", while in the cartoon it is pronounced "mau-REE-SEE-uh".
  • Maurecia, Jason, Kathy and Mac are the only students to have had their designs changed significantly between illustrations by the same illustrator.
    • Maurecia, Kathy-Joel Schick
    • Jason-Julie Brinckloe
    • Mac-Adam McCauley

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