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Maurice "Twister" Rodriguez is one of the supporting protagonists of the Nickelodeon animated series Rocket Power. He is the best friend of Otto Rocket and a daredevil on wheels and an aspiring videographer. He is often shown being teased by his older brother Lars.

He was voiced by Ulises Cuadra and later by Gilbert Leal.

Physical Appearance

Twister is a young Hispanic boy with freckled face and orangish hair. He wears a white basketball shoes with red stripes, green cargo shorts, a gray tee shirt overlaid by a blue tank top, and a striped brown Kangol flat cap, worn backwards.


Twister often gets tricked by Lars and his friends for their enjoyment.

Twister is quite knowledgeable in outdoor survival, otherwise he watches a cartoon TV show called "Gung-Ho Gopher" which incorporated sound, practical advice on what to do if things go wrong.


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