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Maurice, known by the codename of Numbuh 9, was a member of Sector V and was said to be one of the best operatives in the Kids Next Door. Three years ago, he vowed to find the source of the teen's chicken pox was hit with the Pox and injured Sadly, though he was able to find his target, he turned 13 before he could destroy it and was decommissioned before he could complete his mission. He was so well-loved by his teammates that even Numbuh 86 was reluctant to decommission him, and everyone cried when his memory was wiped, turning him into a typically mean-spirited and snobbish teen.

He is voiced by Khary Payton, who also voiced Cyborg in both Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go!.



One night, three Teen Ninjas infiltrate the bedroom of a young African-American boy, preparing to use some sort of bazooka on him. However, when the female Teen Ninja fires, the boy suddenly rises to block the shot with his pillow and scream "Kids Next Door, BATTLE STATIONS!!" Abigail and Cree Lincoln, AKA Numbuhs 5 and 11, are the first to engage the male Teen Ninjas while the female one reloads her bazooka, only to be fired on by the twin operatives Numbuhs 8A and 8B. She prepares to fire back, and the boy tries to stop her, but is too late as she manages to hit 8A and 8B, before calling a retreat. After the Teen Ninjas withdraw, more KND operatives, including younger versions of Numbuhs 86, 362, 60, and 65.3 arrive with their leader, Numbuh 100, who requests a sit-rep from Numbuh 9, the boy who launched the ambush against the Teen Ninjas. Numbuh 9 confirms mission success as he retrieved the teens' bazooka, but then reveals they've lost 8A and 8B, whom 86 reports have been "poxed" by the teens. Cree then gives her hat to Abby, saying she's earned it, then tells Numbuh 100 she accepts full responsibility for the failure of the mission, but Numbuh 9 interrupts since it was his plan and he should take the blame. Numbuh 100 knows that kids will be vulnerable to the chicken pox until the KND find the Teen Ninjas' source and destroy it, and after being interrupted by Numbuh 9's mom, Numbuh 9 swears that he won't rest until he finds the source of the Teen Ninjas' chicken pox and outright destroys it once and for all.


Maurice says his farewell to all the operatives before getting decommissioned.

Cut to the present as an older Numbuh 9, real name Maurice, is speaking with the current Sector V regarding having spent three years locating the Teen Ninjas' source of chicken pox on Chicken Pox Island, which for all he knows could have a Chicken Pox Cannon on it by now. However, it turns out that his promise to destroy it won't be fulfilled as Numbuh 86 arrives to reveal that Maurice is celebrating his 13th birthday, which means he is officially a teenager and must be decommissioned, something the entire KND have to bear with heavy hearts due to Maurice's loyal service to their cause in the fight against adult tyranny. After Maurice gives a heartfelt goodbye speech to the gathering, ending with a shout of "KIDS NEXT DOOR RULES!!!" that that gathering returns, Maurice blows out the candles on his birthday cake.

Maurice marches proudly through the doorway to be decommissioned as Numbuh 86 does her duty with a heavy heart and activates the decommissioning device as she looks away in heartbreak as Maurice utters a Big "NO!" as his memories of his time in the KND are erased, emerging wearing a pair of headphones and sounding like a normal teenager and no longer a KND operative. Abby takes him home as Numbuh 86 dismisses the congregation with another shout of "KIDS NEXT DOOR RULES!!!"

As the Sector V opt to do the stakeout of Maurice, they are discovered by Cree and the other Teen Ninjas, resulting in a fight between the Teen Ninjas and Sector V using the KND U.N.D.E.R.P.O.U.N.D.. However, spotting Maurice being loaded into a Teen Ninja flying van by Cree and some of her crew, Abby gives pursuit of the van, but as she is carried into the air clinging to the rear bumper, Cree personally confronts her little sister and blasts her point-blank with her own Chicken Pox Bazooka, sending Abby falling back to the ground, having been infected with chicken pox.

Later on, Abby discovered the mysterious island where she is eventually captured by Cree and his henchmen. The devious teenage reveals her plan as she intends to use the Chicken Pox Cannon to infect all the kids that she placed in the street carnival. Abby refuses to let that happen due to a promise she made to an old friend, and after overpowering her guards, she disarms Cree of her Teen Ninja wrist blaster, outsmarts her in hand-to-hand combat, and soon is at the controls of the cannon.

Before Abby can make good on her threat, Maurice stops her and disarms her of the M.A.R.B.L.E.s she was about to use. Cree reveals that Maurice is one of them now, and she had been waiting until Maurice was decommissioned and one of the Teen Ninjas before using the cannon. At that point, her spirit broken upon hearing Maurice was with the enemy now, Abby surrenders. Touched by her sister's forfeit, Cree takes Abby into a hug, only for the moment to be ruined when the chicken coop hills on the island begin to explode. Thinking Abby tricked her, Cree shoves her away in fury, but Maurice then shouts out "Look out! The Kids Next Door are here!" Distracted, Cree never sees the walkway under her get blown out by a M.A.R.B.L.E., sending her into the chickens below while shouting Abby's name. Abby looks over at Maurice, stunned, before Maurice reveals he still has two of the three M.A.R.B.L.E.s he took from Abby earlier, having used one on Cree just now.


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