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"Now let's watch McConaughey bang two meth-heads at a rodeo and try not to think about AIDS...Andrew? I'm thinking about AIDS."
~ Maurice the Hormone Monster

Maurice the Hormone Monster is a recurring character in the Netflix animated series Big Mouth. Maurice is an apparition that appears before teenage boys going through puberty, enabling their sexual urges, occasionally at their expense but always to his pleasure. He was voiced by Nick Kroll who had voiced Nick Birch in the title character.



Maurice claims to have been the first life-form born on Earth, though he also says he's 75 million years old. During the time of the dinosaurs he had a relationship with Connie the Hormone Monstress, though they've since split up.

Big Mouth

Maurice watches over Andrew Glouberman as he goes through puberty. He also appears to Nick Birch, despite not having anything to do with his development.

Maurice encourages Andrew to masturbate as often as possible, even when he's at school or sleeping over at Nick's place. This often leaves Andrew feeling self-conscious.

When Andrew gets a girlfriend, he decides he won't masturbate anymore which angers Maurice to the point where he starts drinking and becomes violent. Another time Andrew was dating a different girl he didn't care about and Maurice developed a cocaine addiction.

Despite his obsession with sex, Maurice can draw the line. He warns Andrew not to be too reliant on porn, stating that it's become a compulsion for him after he tried to seduce his teacher.


  • Maurice claims to also "fuck around with dudes". While he's never shown any attraction to any men onscreen,  he's also the Hormone Monster to the token gay kid Matthew.
  • Maurice has more than one penis, most of which aren't attached to him. His phallic nose can also go erect on rare occasions.
  • He's similar to the Greek god Pan, having the appearance of a faun and an insatiable sexual appetite.
  • Maurice sounds a lot like Wil Arnett, despite being voiced by Nick Kroll.


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